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  1. Thank you. And can you elaborate a bit more please? how is the situation with mat price compared to NA?
  2. I knew it and I will do it if I change. Thank! Thank you for your insight.
  3. Hello guys, I'm located in EU but I play in NA. At launch, I started in NA because I had a guild with friends here. However, for many reason (ping mostly), all of them are gone. At time, I was too lazy to swap to EU so I just continued in NA. Now I'm sitting at WL HM 13, 950 AP and some mid rate gear. I'm doing pretty well, except 24 man and 6v6. I have a guild that can clear BT, but I haven't set foot in it yet (time zone again). Besides, 6v6 is a no-go since they introduced the frenzy time (2a.m to 8a.m here). Outside of frenzy time, it's only an endless queue. Yeah,
  4. Why spending on server transfer when the new one would be eventually merged with your old one anyway... Do you think NC will keep some old dead servers running? nah, Merge is coming.
  5. There are only 2 pages for WL. Get to 1600 will make you to top 100. Feel it, lol.
  6. It was sacrarm. But if you use a lot of repair tools, maybe stopping dying too much will help.
  7. and leave only potter and warden? EarthSeer: everything you can craft, daily and event can oversupply. The only useful thing with this profession is the Sealing Charm, that is removed in NA version, because it's not good for player to trade to others. You want something, go F10. Forge: Repair tool, seriously ? Radiant: wait till HM diamond. Pot: the only thing useful is sf antidote, like 1,2 pot per asura run. But ppl don't do it much anymore. Besides, you should find and fire the guy who came up with the "Primer only idea". "huh, I don't like
  8. How many pouches in average to get that cricket? Am I the only one unlucky enough to get 20+ penguines? or is that pet pouches another intended coin sink?
  9. I know that feel, bro. Dps, pvp, everything is about ping. Playing NA from EU, I was struggling to get to floor 30 TI. I just went to NA for a trip in beginning of September and got straight to floor 45 on a single attempt with crappy hotel's wifi, lol. The difference is insane. If you ask why NA and not EU, it's because I had an international clan. We started here and chose which best fits to everyone, but now, all quitted for other games and I'm only here because I don't have time to restart again. Besides, pet is super p2w and it is killing 6v6, even fo
  10. Firstly, NC did not merge to balance factions. They merged because of low population. Secondly, all the groups were relatively one-sided. Purpose? server transfer ticket will be available in NCshop soon. Why do you think they care about the zerg anyway...
  11. I opened the dungeon today and asked clearly "my scale, my loot" before entering the dun, and everyone accepted that. But when I was busy ressing a dead member during bidding. A ****** outbided the stinger by 2 copper and get away with it. I don't care about that 80silver stinger anyway, yeah, I'm rich enough. But what pissed me off is that he accepted my rule before starting, but still try to cheat after being dead most of the time (605 AP and dies in HeavenMandate...). It's even worse because we can not do anything about it except blocking and letting him continue to scam other p
  12. This "linking" is not about faction balance. By merging same sided servers, they want to force the remained minor faction "to quit or to switch". That way, the zerg can farm in peace and nobody will complain about OWPVP anymore. About MasterHong, there are only 6-7 Crimsons active in SSP, so few that we can actually remember all the name . It's also hard to regroup because we are in several different guilds, but we managed to rekt the zerg from time to time. Those fews have proven that they actually have balls to fight the zerg, so I believe that we would continue even after the me
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