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  1. Story/bad revenge

    Nope. There is no choice. Your character just instantly decides to be evil for no adequate reason. This is called bad railroading and Blade and Soul is full of it. I have to assume that this was the direct result of problems during development where either senior writers were let go/quit or there was a large change in NC Soft's senior management who wanted to push for an impossible change of direction in the game halfway through development resulting in the jury rigged mess of a story we have now. I'm not talking about the unimportant differences between the Korean game and our English translation, I am talking about such ridiculousness as our character deciding to work with Yonkai to help him acquire Mushin's legacy instead of punching his face in simply because some alcoholic who kills guys in funny clothes for a living told us that isn't the way of Hongmoon.
  2. The main storyline is insultingly bad

    You are woefully uneducated here. The basis for many stories has been summarized by Joseph Campbell as an unintentional use of a single story structure which he summarized as: "Campbell explores the theory that important myths from around the world which have survived for thousands of years all share a fundamental structure, which Campbell called the monomyth. Departure The Call to Adventure The hero begins in a situation of normality from which some information is received that acts as a call to head off into the unknown; a forest, a kingdom underground, beneath the waves, or above the sky, a secret island, lofty mountaintop, or profound dream state; but it is always a place of strangely fluid and polymorphous beings, unimaginable torments, super human deeds, and impossible delight. The hero can go forth of his own volition to accomplish the adventure, as did Theseus when he arrived in his father's city, Athens, and heard the horrible history of the Minotaur; or he may be carried or sent abroad by some benign or malignant agent as was Odysseus, driven about the Mediterranean by the winds of the angered god, Poseidon. The adventure may begin as a mere blunder... or still again, one may be only casually strolling when some passing phenomenon catches the wandering eye and lures one away from the frequented paths of man. Examples might be multiplied, ad infinitum, from every corner of the world." Refusal of the Call Supernatural Aid Crossing the Threshold Belly of the Whale Initiation The Road of Trials The Meeting with the Goddess Atonement with the Father Apotheosis The Ultimate Boon Return Refusal of the Return The Magic Flight Rescue from Without The Crossing of the Return Threshold Master of Two Worlds Freedom to Live The structure of such stories is not derived from ancient Chinese epics, rather ancient Chinese epics are derived from the same source as the great epics of other ancient civilizations such as the Epic of Gilgamesh. In order to be good fiction each work needs to obey certain rules of good story telling such as having events flow as a natural result of prior events and characters acting consistently with their characterization. "In the characters too, exactly as in the structure of the incidents, [the poet] ought always to seek what is either necessary or probable, so that it is either necessary or probable that a person of such-and-such a sort say or do things of the same sort, and it is either necessary or probable that this [incident] happen after that one. It is obvious that the solutions of plots too should come about as a result of the plot itself, and not from a contrivance." If you create a character who willingly and enthusiastically shoots men in silly costumes for a living then that character should not lecture the main character about how it is wrong to kill someone who commits far worse crimes than wearing a silly costume.
  3. Which was the absolute wrong way to go. They should have simply made it impossible to cancel the animations by not responding until the animation had completed. Anicancel removes the great fluid combat that BnS had going for it and replaces it with the rockemsockem robot fighting of tab targeting mmos, the very reason why I left those mmos for bns.
  4. Forced to PVP

    A video game developed by a large studio by many people is a consumer product. Consumers have every right to request changes to the product that they are paying for.
  5. Forced to PVP

    Not everyone likes to PvP. Content for people who want to PvP should be regulated to PvPing and content for people who like to PvE should be regulated to PvEing. In no universe does it make sense to try crossing the streams. And just because your game allows players to PvP doesn't mean it is focused on PvP. What is the vast majority of the content in the game devoted to? In the case of BnS the vast majority of content is devoted to PvE, therefore the game is focused on PvE.
  6. Unless he finds those possibilities entertaining, then it is actually your suggestions that are without merit. A video game is supposed to provide entertainment. We already have jobs we go to during the day. When we come home we want to log into BnS and have fun. NC needs to rebalance all the old and now outdated content to be soloable. Especially the old dungeons for characters under level 45 as the only way to complete them is via the cross server dungeon finder and even that doesn't work all the time because there just aren't any people to do them with anymore. Low level dungeons have never ever worked. After the first couple of months after release they always become impossible to find people for in a timely manner. I have no idea why developers keep making them but they need to stop. Either make low dungeons that scale to the number of people doing them so that they can be completed solo when there is no one to do them with 4 months down the line or don't make them at all.
  7. It isn't the entire problem, it is merely one of many problems facing the game right now. But one could also ask where the order imbalance came from. Since the only difference between Cerulean order and Crimson order are the uniforms, as they have no real presence or development in the game that would make players want to choose between them and you don't get any special skills by joining them and they are completely indistinguishable in almost every aspect, then one has to say that NC failed to design uniforms that players would find equally appealing as that is the only real difference between the two. And at this point it's probably too late to change. The only option is to address the server imbalance by giving the faction with the least number of players alternate quests to do that they can still complete despite being heavily outmatched or just giving up on the whole failed system and simply accepting that world PvP doesn't work anymore. Make all the faction quests shift to quests that are completeable without having the faction costume on and are completeable solo. I would say that the game's actual problems are ideological. NC tried to combine new phase MMO (the combat system) with old phase Korean MMO that is the only thing they know how to create (the excessive grinding in a stale dead world) even though the old phase Korean MMO has proven to be a failure in the west as it just doesn't appeal to western players and really is starting to turn away eastern players as well. As the developers don't have any clue what new phase game content should look like, they keep rehashing the same old grind until your eyes bleed idea of PvP dailies, PvE dailies and party dungeons full of mobs with cheating stats with low drop rates. Pile on top of that a failure of a loot system using the old phase loot system that uses party drops instead of player drops, and you can see where the problem lies. There needs to be more immersive content, immersive world building, immersive interaction with the world, and each player needs to receive their own loot, no more shared loot bullcrap. However this game is already developed and released, the time to actually figure out what new phase MMO content will look like missed BnS by 7 years.
  8. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    It isn't the lack of availability of pots, it is their existence to begin with. HP regen should ONLY come from skills and have values that are balanced accordingly. And even though some skills do have hp regen, the availability of hp isn't balanced between the classes. Some classes have decent regen from their skills, while others appear to have no real functional hp regen from their skills. A 10% or even 50% hp steal on a skill that does 1000 damage isn't going to get you very far, especially when another class can get a 10% character hp regen from their skill. I can run through an instance on my Destroyer and maintain 50-70% hp simply through skills whereas my KFM has to chug down hp potions to keep her hp up. Playing RF Online where your hp bar and mp bar are equal to the number of hp and mp potions you have has made me loathe potions in every game which has them, which is unfortunately basically every game. But some games do give you good skill based hp regen, such as DK's during WotLK, I really this is more of a player preference problem, but my preferences for skill based hp regen are rarely met by most games for some reason. I loathed the change to hp regen between DA:O, DA:2 and DA:I where the former two games allowed you to use magic to regen your hp whereas in DA:I hp regen was relegated solely to potions. While DA:I was a terrible game for other reasons, the lack of skill based hp regen just added salt to the wounds.
  9. Premium, is it worth it?

    Does it give me more control over the direction of the game? That's really the only relevant criterion and I suspect the answer is no. So my answer is no, the premium subscription is not worth the cost. I already gave them more than all the money they deserved for the product provided when I bought my founder's pack.
  10. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    Lyns are a con for me. I hate lolis. HATE THEM. Especially when they are also furries. Just no. At least they don't completely contradict the game's lore in the way that Aion's Shugos do. That's why I had to stop playing Aion. Well one of the reasons. The other reason is because I simply couldn't stand the game devolving into a constant potion chugging game due to the lack of legitimate skill based ways of regaining hp and mp. HP and MP regeneration need to be tied to skills, not to limited consumables.
  11. Forced to PVP

    Having PvP in your game does not make your game a PvP focused game. In fact the majority of the content is clearly PvE oriented. Forcing people to PvP so that they can engage in PvE still doesn't make your game a PvP game, it just makes you a shitty game developer who doesn't know how your players interact with your game. Making a PvP focused game instead of a PvE focused game is what makes your game a PvP game. League of Legends is a PvP game. Starcraft 2 is a PvP game. Super Smash Brothers Melee is a PvP game. Call of Battlefield are PvP games.
  12. (MASSIVE SPOILERS) Endgame Story / Dying of the Light

    Honestly the plot felt like it was up a creek without a paddle most of the time. You have little reason for doing any of the things you do. Even the most basic element of story telling is so muddled that the writers aren't really sure what the story is half the time. Why are we pursuing Jinsoyun? Is it because she goes around murdering people and turning them into demons on a regular basis? Is it because she killed all our school friends and the teacher who wouldn't teach us? Is it just because we want to cleanse the mark of the black rose that's only really a problem when Lusung or Jinsoyun are involved in the cutscene and we think that somehow by chasing after Jinsoyun we will cure the curse even though there is no reason to believe this is true? The game is constantly jumping between saying that killing is absolutely wrong and then saying it is ok to kill someone just because they have some treasure we want or because they dress funny, but killing someone who is actually responsible for the suffering and deaths of hundreds or thousands of people and whose death would save hundreds or thousands of people from the same, that's just too evil. In order for the path of Hongmoon to be meaningful, it has to be definable and consistently applied. The writers can't pull a "this isn't the way of Hongmoon" simply as a way to turn our character into a blubbering moron with no agency. There is absolutely no justification for not killing Yonkai on the spot. None. Not when we run around killing other people for completely paltry reasons. Killing Yonkai is morally justifiable on the grounds of defending others, killing the Yes Men just because Soha wanted their treasure and because they dressed funny is not morally justifiable, but the path of hongmoon allows us to do the latter but not the former? What kind of messed up belief system is this? What was with the false dichotomy around Mushin's legacy? Why don't the sages just use their power to cure Yunwa? It seemed to work ok in curing us from the worse ravages of the mark of the black rose, and Lusung hasn't reached the level of using a curse of that magnitude. Or maybe we could have instilled Mushin's legacy in ourselves and then used our new powers to heal Yunwa. There were more than just two options available. And even if we couldn't heal Yunwa for some stupid reason, she still has to die because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Without the power of Mushin's legacy there was no obvious way for us to stop Jinsoyoon, and stopping Jinsoyoon seems to be our primary goal even though it isn't clear why we want to stop her. What exactly was the plan once we handed over Mushin's legacy? Just hope that Jinsoyun falls dead of her own accord? Or are we a complete idiot who believed that the power of love or goodness will reward us with superpowers for all the good deeds we've committed along the way, including letting Yonkai live so that he can go on to murder half the village and so we can choose the path of evil? For that matter, why was Lusung following Jinsoyun? If his only reason for following Jinsoyun was to kill Yonkai, he could have used his teleportation spell and inescapable undodgeable unblockable unavoidable telekinetic grab to murderate him at any time instead of constantly coming to thumb his nose at us whenever he got bored. The one scene with Lusung and Yonkai in it makes it seem like Lusung's only motivation in all this was to become strong enough to kill Yonkai, but he had already reached that point before acting as a spy in the Hongmoon school. Did he just forget his motivation until he saw Yonkai again? What was the point of making Lusung's motivation be getting revenge for his sister and town if he never actually pursues his personal vendetta against Yonkai? He just spends a couple of days learning how to use dark chi and then he's just like, "meh, I'm bored, what's on tumblr". While I never figured out what the path of Hongmoon is, if I had to guess it is the path of greatest stupidity. A story about being afraid to use power because of the corrupting nature of power is fine, but that story falls apart when the character is shown killing people on the barest of pretenses. If I'm being really nitpicky, why did the sages decide to let the falling rocks kill them? Not that the world is going to miss them, they were a bunch of knuckleheads that never gave us any help whatsoever and actually hurt us much more than they helped us. If it wasn't for the sages telling us we needed to kowtow to Yonkai for no reason, and our character stupidly going along with with, we would have killed Yonkai and solved half our problems before they were even problems. Remember that the whole, "this isn't the way of hongmoon" bullshit only started when we were talking to a drunk Soha in the tavern long after we had first met Yonkai and learned how much suffering and death Yonkai was responsible for. Any person like our character who uses violence to solve their problems (and everyone elses' problems apparently) would have already killed Yonkai before they heard Soha's "not the way of hongmoon speech". Why didn't Lusung kill our character during the cutscene when we were traveling to Mushin's tomb on the bird? We didn't see him so he could have easily pushed us off the bird. How come all the doors to the tomb were locked even though Lusung and Yunwa had passed through them just two seconds ago? Including that one door which could only be opened by having the statue break the door? How did Lusung get past that statue without breaking the door? What was the point of Madun's vision? How did going back to the past advance the plot? How did it advance the story or endear the plight of the lyns to our character? This scene didn't tell us about Jinsoyun's motivations, it didn't tell us how to cure the mark of the black rose, it didn't tell us how to find one of the 4 great masters, didn't tell us how to defeat Jinsoyoon. We learn nothing, care nothing, experience nothing. All we do is go back and find yet another village being attacked, which guess what, so is every other village we have come across so this isn't anything new or special. What would be new is if we came across a village that WASN'T being attacked. We already knew that Jinsoyoon goes around killing people by giving them the mark of the black rose, that's why we are chasing after her ourselves. So seeing her give Madun the mark didn't tell us anything knew about Jinsoyoon. Seeing the village being attacked 15 years ago didn't tell us anything new about the village because it is still being attacked in the present day by the same people. This scene was a complete waste of developer resources and a waste of the player's time. It is taking me a long time to play through the story because it is just so insultingly stupid that I have to constantly take a break from it. The last time that a video game story made so so upset about my complete lack of agency and the complete lack of clear motivation was when I played through Mass Effect 3, especially the parts with Kai Leng.
  13. The reason why the females in this game have an exaggerated walk is because the skeleton has the legs being attached to the body in the wrong spot. Currently the legs are attached more towards the front of the character as opposed to right beneath the pelvis where they should be attached. That's also why the female characters look so odd when standing and why their legs and feet cross each other when running. I also am dissappointed in the lack of female costumes that are as good as the male costumes. Too many of the female costumes are designed to show off cleavage, show that the character does indeed have boobs, and show skin while the male costumes are designed to make the character look cool or powerful and only very really to show some skin.
  14. Crafting Feels Awful In This Game

    Every single element of the crafting system is utterly revolting. 1) Having to pay in game money to acquire the basic crafting resources and then having to pay money to turn those into tertiary, secondary and then primary crafting items. a) Having to pay way more money to use your crafting/gathering skills when you aren't in a major town even though there should be absolutely no difference between being in the field where you are actually playing the game verse sitting on your ass in town not playing the game. 2) Forced dependency. Crafting should be about INDEPENDENCE so you should be able to craft everything you need for your crafting profession BY YOURSELF and each crafting profession should be complete in and of itself. 3) Broken Radiant Ring. According to the description I'm supposed to be able to make jewelry but I can't. 4) Soul Stone requirement for level 3+ crafting recipies. 5) Long ass timers in the command table which only get longer as I need more items. 6) My character doesn't actually do any crafting, it is just hiring npcs which if you think about it is utterly ridiculous. If the npcs are the ones doing the crafting anyways, then these are not professions, these are just different ways of buying items that the npcs should already offer without having to go through the motions of arranging their production via the command tables. Let's focus on making worlds that seem to be alive, part of which requires that the npcs actually do something more than stand in the same place with their thumbs up their asses year on year. 7) Sharp difference in utility between each of the crafting professions. What is the point of the weapon making profession during the Viridian and Cerulean portions of the game? 8) Huge resource imbalance. The quartz nodes were few and far between and because each node had such a ridiculously long respawn timer, I would go days without being able to find any harvestable quartz. All of the resources used by the crafting professions should have been findable in the world, be on short respawn timers, and be densely populated.
  15. Blight Weapon Nonsense

    The weapon that drops has a higher chance of being for whatever class is not in the group. Honestly whoever came up with the loot system in this game needs to be fired and then permanently banned from the industry forevermore. There needs to be an absolute ceiling on the number of times a player fails before succeeding. Whether this is by giving the player a token at the end of the instance the player turns in for the item they need once they've collected enough, or a system that increases the chance of success with every failure by an appreciable amount so that by X number of failures, the chance of success is 100%. And loot needs to be individual loot. Shared party loot is so 2000s.