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  1. Nope. There is no choice. Your character just instantly decides to be evil for no adequate reason. This is called bad railroading and Blade and Soul is full of it. I have to assume that this was the direct result of problems during development where either senior writers were let go/quit or there was a large change in NC Soft's senior management who wanted to push for an impossible change of direction in the game halfway through development resulting in the jury rigged mess of a story we have now. I'm not talking about the unimportant differences between the Korean game and our English transla
  2. You are woefully uneducated here. The basis for many stories has been summarized by Joseph Campbell as an unintentional use of a single story structure which he summarized as: "Campbell explores the theory that important myths from around the world which have survived for thousands of years all share a fundamental structure, which Campbell called the monomyth. Departure The Call to Adventure The hero begins in a situation of normality from which some information is received that acts as a call to head off into the unknown; a forest, a kingdom undergr
  3. Unless he finds those possibilities entertaining, then it is actually your suggestions that are without merit. A video game is supposed to provide entertainment. We already have jobs we go to during the day. When we come home we want to log into BnS and have fun. NC needs to rebalance all the old and now outdated content to be soloable. Especially the old dungeons for characters under level 45 as the only way to complete them is via the cross server dungeon finder and even that doesn't work all the time because there just aren't any people to do them with anymore. Low l
  4. Honestly the plot felt like it was up a creek without a paddle most of the time. You have little reason for doing any of the things you do. Even the most basic element of story telling is so muddled that the writers aren't really sure what the story is half the time. Why are we pursuing Jinsoyun? Is it because she goes around murdering people and turning them into demons on a regular basis? Is it because she killed all our school friends and the teacher who wouldn't teach us? Is it just because we want to cleanse the mark of the black rose that's only really a problem when Lusung o
  5. The problem with grinding is that it isn't satisfying or fulfilling or fun. It is simply grueling and feels entirely pointless. You can feel your life being wasted when you do it. I had the exact same problem with Aion. NC is good at making nice art but sucks at making enjoyable content because they don't understand what makes a video game fun to play.
  6. The more I play the story, the more I feel like I am playing the completely inept Fable 2. Your character, despite being in the game, has no more agency than you do from outside the game. You're both simply there to watch other people do cool things and then get beaten up and sold down the river time after time so that you can watch the other characters do cool things and get constantly more pissed off at your complete lack of agency. I'm just going to copy my 2 favorite part's of Twenty Sided Dice's review of Fable 2: "[Reaver]’s standing in his study. He murders your
  7. As a rule, the gameplay should match the game. If the player is doing awesome in the game then the player MUST be shown as being awesome in cutscenes. Many developers constantly fail to do this and their stories constantly fail to deliver a positive experience to the player. A death, defeat or betrayal has no weight nor meaning if it only happens during a cutscene and the player knows that if it happened outside the cutscene they'd easily be able to prevent it.
  8. Yeah I have to agree. Up until the Cinderlands the story was pretty decent. But oh my god once I got to the Cinderlands I kept wanting to scream every 8 seconds. I could easily save the town simply by punching Yonkai's face in. There is absolutely NO REASON why I don't. I have no problem with killing every other NPC I see, but just because he is a named NPC it is somehow wrong? Bullshit. If it is wrong to kill Yonkai then it is wrong to kill anyone. Furthermore, why do I continue to go around trying to get Mushin's legacy for Yonkai? That makes absolutely no sense. He is a clearly evil guy and
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