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  1. Main topic of today's question are if BM should buy their Lighting Draw vol 2. Right NOW? If So WHY? If not Give a REAson to why.
  2. They will kick you, before you know it. Do not join them!
  3. Hi everyone, my character name is Soha Rose, I am seeking anyone who plays this game. First my objective is to increase the number of clan members. Further expand the guild with knowledgeable players such as myself, and my friends. I believe the clan is a places where experience players gathering together to create greatness. I want to create environment in which everyone thrives in. If you are In Soha and you are in the crimson legions, feel free to whisper to me.
  4. an error has occurred in your blade and soul client, your hardware configuration, the DDL list loaded to the memory and data relevant to other client errors.