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  1. How do I get the item I need to open the weapon box from the voucher? D:
  2. As someone who didn't read and went oathbreaker I feel the pain.. I just started when the warlock came out and am just now getting enough mats/gold to upgrade my acc to siren. I feel like I can't do any of the new content at all and it turns into a slow cycle of me doing arenas for ss's and praying I do enough damage on daily bosses. (mainly GHS) Been trying my butt off to upgrade my stuff and I'm only at 414 AP. I know how to and have done the new dungeons but don't wanna que for them due to my low ap... Just feels like I'll be constantly behind with no hope of catching up. I feel that's how all new players will start to feel.
  3. Dragon call Vol. 2

    Ty for the reply!
  4. Does this still drop from BSH with the Silverfrost patch? It doesn't show in the loot table :o
  5. I'm a new player, having started a warlock when they released. I barely managed to get to 45 before the 50 patch. I feel I'm super far behind everything and will take me months to catch up with current moonwater stone prices and other mats of the like. It just feels like at this rate I'll just fall further and further behind. I've managed to get some Naryu Lab ss's and I got my wep to Oathbreaker stage 10.. Which I now hear is the more expensive route. Belt is awakened siren and acc's are awakened infernal. I've been trying arena for soulstones for gold since other than dailies and dungeons idk the best ways. And tips/advice for someone in my position?