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  1. Hi, Everyone already knows this by now but TL:DR is that your mystic badge will not do the 450%/700% more damage currently. And if I'm not lied to it's because of the wrong skill id. But just out of curiosity when will this be fixed? Because Archers just lost a huge chunk of their DPS.
  2. Same with my 5k Thornbreaker Badge. Who wants that? They will take at least 3 weeks to fix this :)
  3. I haven't received any since the first one
  4. I just thought that we the 5 remaining Founder's Pack owning people deserve another Heavy Metal Illusion Weapon skin since I didn't save mine from 2016 like I doubt many didn't. Especially since the has been 4 new classes and soon 5 I think there should be another set of skins sent out. Yes, I know whale problems but still since the support can't/won't help on this matter anyway
  5. As it has been said, in Drowning Deeps Numok boss is nearly impossible to do without having a quite specific composition of the team. (Hard mode of course, wipes due to the removed mechanics) And I have experinced bugs with Wardens Blade Ward ability which should block CC abilities in both PVE and PVP setting when you have resilience but sometimes bosses throw CC with their basic attacks and players also can CC in the area. And lastly was the legendary jewels were removed from quest know thy enemy part 2, was this by design or was this a accident becase I didn't see it
  6. Some abilities effect your twin barrel ability called forward fire making it into a single cc ability.
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