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  1. I look at it this way. What level of gear is required to do all the PvE content. Right now you could easily do everything with 550 AP and 120% acc. You don't even need a Scorpio weapon or accessories to get that.
  2. I'm going to disagree that the grind is this game is "horrifying". Compared to some other Asian MMOs I've played, this is nothing. Once we get caught up to Korea, we'll have all the time in the world to keep up with gears.
  3. Yes, ani-cancel during Fury is the whole point. Cleave not only does more damage, it also maintains bleed stack and give you a health regen.
  4. First off, what is a "normal" player and what content are they locked out of. I think I'm a fairly "normal" player who hasn't spent a dime on this game, sitting at 565AP, still working a full time job, and I'm not aware of any content that I can't do. I agree that the pace of the updates could be an issue that splits the player base if it continued indefinitely but we know its not going to. Eventually f2p players like myself will catch up or at least come very close to the whales who payed for the fast pass to the top. Right now everyone is rushing to gear up with the u
  5. And herein lies the problem with these forums. Too many idiotic complaints paired with legitimate ones. I see 2.5 legitimate complaints here. The tech difficulties, hacking, and botting are definitely real concerns for the future of the game. The economy/gear grind is gradually getting better with each update and they are giving players more ways to catch up gear wise. But I concede that it could be much better. Animation canceling is pretty much a feature at this point. The game is balanced around it and its actually makes the game better by increasing the s
  6. Dumbest post in this thread. Sin is a soft counter for Destro because they can escape pretty much everything. It takes a lot of luck to take down a sin and its nearly impossible if they play win-on-the-clock which is how a smart sin would play. Destro AoE take A LOT of focus and most of your CCs are guaranteed misses since they are so slow. You can grab and slam all day but you can bet that as soon as you Fury, any half-decent sin will have a stealth escape ready.
  7. Why the hell would they punish anyone. Its not like the players did anything wrong. NCSoft screwed up here and they corrected the error when they found out. End of story and stop being butt hurt just because a few lucky people discovered some content and ran it. This was not a glitch or an exploit, it was actual content that was released without an announcement which given the management of this game so far, wouldn't be a huge surprise.
  8. A poor naive child, you haven't even hit the real gear grind wall yet. I long for the days when I just had to kill a field boss and spin a wheel. 1 YEAR!? You can play this game for less than 2 hrs a day and get 500g in about a 4 to 6 weeks.
  9. My only gripe is that you're playing with fire with that 106% accuracy. Missing CC can cause some serious headaches on the first two bosses.
  10. This one looks pretty good: Soul Shield Spreadsheet
  11. I haven't been completely kicked out, but I have started experience huge lag spikes and near dc's at random times for the past 3 or 4 days.
  12. But its not a race. The old "finish line" will always be there and you can cross it anytime you want. The vast majority of players on BnS are f2p so they will be right there with you. Who cares if a bunch of whales drive ahead. They are few and far between and will be alone come the next race. You don't need to clear all the new content on Day 1 of a new expansion. At least for now, its easy enough for f2p players like myself to get 550+AP and run virtually all content in the game.
  13. Agreed. Surprisingly FM is less useful here than other classes. This dungeon is quite melee friendly comparatively. The only real issue is Asura's flaming swords if some dumb melee lets him drop them all around him. The first half of the dungeon is destro/sin paradise and Asura has mechanics that requires every class to contribute. You've got FM, lock, sin shielding from arrows. BM, lock, destro blocking balls. Destro, BD, summ eating flowers. The whole dungeon is almost pure mechanics where dps isn't all that relevant. Even on Asura if you know the patterns and don't d
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