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  1. Yeah, and it takes about ~16hours for an ordinary player following strict guidelines to level to 45. Now imagine all on that on a macro sequence? Yes though, setting a min level requirement for arena is helpful. I suppose some bots are leveling in the arena. Yeah, this could be a starting point, how are the bots leveling?
  2. It is possible to recruit players to be GMs and manage this affair, but yeah then NCSOFt would need to have someone on payroll to manage the affair of the affair. The problem is that the human labor to detect/observe bots then to disable the accounts to only see fresh bots already in play becomes an endless game of 'catch & mouse'. The issue is a
  3. NARYU LABYRINTH GUIDE [ Full with video ]

    Some players have not received it, and I am not sure what is needed.
  4. NARYU LABYRINTH GUIDE [ Full with video ]

    Any what you need to have done in order to receive the quest to enter?
  5. No Quarter

    This could be helpful to some,
  6. Clan member last login date ought be implemented ASAP as that is a standard feature if you want to call it that.
  7. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    I think people are over analyzing this situation and the time idly spent could be applied towards character progression. It is highly unlikely the people requesting a certain AP min threshold are sitting there with a calculator calculating the potential DPS that you could contribute but are vaguely glancing over, and using the base AP value as a general value and doing so when people simply want a 'speed run' without any flux. At the same time, it is a bit crazy that someone requested 400 AP min threshold for any other dung then 4lab/4bsh/4poh, and if it was the blue dungs, the player that requested has some problems because at 400+ AP min you ought to be able to solo the blue dungs by yourself.
  8. No, there is no indication anywhere, and it is one of those things that is learned through experience.
  9. After Thrasher comes from the ceiling, he does a roar right after 2-5 seconds or so. If you have the poison debuff on you, the roar will instagib you.
  10. Trying to get 60+ stable fps

    Yeah helped me with blackwyrm and terrror/ogres, when you have at least 30 players on one screen.
  11. People placing strange items on the martkplace at extravagant prices as a means of transferring gold around, fascinating.
  12. I do not recall providing my physical address @ the time of account creation. Did you?
  13. Ah...Did you try to lowering the brightness?
  14. I suppose we can presume support is monday-friday 9-5, or there is a heavy workload because I was in a midst of Blackwyrm when my account got locked, so there are probably thousands of false-positives.