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  1. Yup. Dat pixelated White Sandrider tattoo.. Also sad that they put such low resolution stuff in cash shop, should be HD since real money is involved
  2. I feel you... I was so exited about this patch, because I thought this hairstyle will come with it sometimes soon. But hearing now it's a mod.. ;_;
  3. I can't even count how many times I died in poh24, because bridge didn't render fast enough and I had to fall through... Little tip for those who have same issue: spamming space bar on the bridge sometimes helps.
  4. So I understand people who already bought premium before won't be able to receive this item? Or it's possible to get it on next premium purchase?
  5. I find yellow dahlia outfit really cute on lyns, especially on male lyns :3
  6. Can we have male schoolgirl outfit released?.. cmon NCsoft, my money is waiting =-=
  7. Omg so many amazing art! *-* Makes me wanna do more BnS fanart :))) I'll throw in my piece as well, made it originally for my profile pic
  8. I'm guessing you refer to my cats appearance? If that so, then there is 3 locations where you can change cats appearance: Jadestone village, Sandstone refuge and Lycandi foothills (wheel of fate area), just speak with cat npc located there. Here is link for more details (it's in russian, but if you click on 'Show' button you'll see exact map locations and there is also youtube links that shows each locations appearance options)
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