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  1. i think you should since they are giving back all keys used..... or should be
  2. idk why most post i see defending this new 'toy' of ncsoft bashs players who cant log on calling them hacker and macro users when most of them are just average players who got the business end of the knife
  3. that isnt a compensation that is a refund compensation implies you get something from them
  4. caloc2 most ppl who have been having issues with this new 'better' what ever you wana call it are legit players why do people like you always assume the ones getting hurt are bad (macro users and such) i for one want this crap to be removed it has made playing bns even harder for me
  5. one of the known fixs for bandit hide out dc is to give up not get the quest "All That Shimmers Isnt Gold" appearently it a old bug that wasnt fixed and only some ppl can get past the gate with the quest
  6. i beleive ppl who can actually play the game shouldnt whine cause atleast they can enjoy the content without dcing every 30mins or every time the enter a instance ( room quest dgns)
  7. seems like currently the chat system is messed up that most ppl are unable to even do dance emote seems like the fix for that is to change char but that is gamble if u are having connection issue as it almost always disconnects u it also seems like using the multi server option on wtfast doesnt work as it diconnects u directly after char select screen
  8. currently if u pay for wtfast and use multi server setting u dc before u even pass character select screen
  9. probably about 50% of the ppl having the issue may have already dicided to stop trying and move on (some of wish would have got ncoin)
  10. dont u just love how ncsoft keeps blaming wifi as cause of issue when about 1/2 of the game population is having same issue regardless of using wifi or not they need to get off their asses and actually fix the issue
  11. its sad they are spending so much time making new servers cause we need 20-+ servers that dont work over 1 that doesnt kick u ever time u go to a load screen
  12. hell im kinda lucky i can play for 30 mins even if i cant use chat
  13. this sounds like someone who isnt having issue at all we bash here cause maybe they will pay attention and fix their shit
  14. id just like to point out not having boobs doesnt make u any less sexy lynn can increase hip and thigh size to make them have quite a sexy figure boobs dont matter alway ( guy saying this) sometimes flat is nice
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