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  1. Fire KFM simplified combat controls

    you probably haven´t noticed but the new comet strike gives a 15 sec crit chance and crit dmg buff, thats why its included in the rotation, i also noticed that itself it doesnt do much dmg but as a buff it will end up increasing ur dps, also in the best set up for dps comet strike reduce the cd of both gyre and tremor so its very important to spam it as often as posible despite like you noticing it doing shitty dmg.
  2. Account locked for using a vpn

    I tried using WTFast, and it lowered my ping from 280 to stable 150-170ish, the second day i tried to use it, whenever i used the miami server route, after i started the game, the input boxes for your login which require you 6 numbers/symbols would not appear/load, no matter how many times i launched the game. After i changed to another server route it worked just fine but it was less than ideal. NC has weird ways of dealing with this issues. And the worse part is that bots already killed this game 1 year after launch and if they wanted they could circumvent all lame defenses they set up. Meanwhile those players who aren´t actually doing anything wrong get affected or even banned
  3. Circle of _Suffering_ ?

    You do need either very good ping or godlike micro at this point. I personally took over 8 hours to beat junghado, 6 hours naksun, 5 hours yusang, and 5 hours for master hong. Trying over and over again breaking and repairing weapons, to the point your fingers move by reflex. In the case of master hong as a wind kfm, we have to stand 1 cm from hong to even punch him, but if you stand to close he will knock u up and combo you to death. Personally if every 5-10 tries you get closer to killing him than in your previous attempts, you are doing something right. When you are doing something right, you must be able to repeat it and it should always work. (a good baseline is copying what guides do) For Hong during mech phases you need to always use the same iframe for a given part of the mech, or else your cooldowns will fuk u over when you try to use an iframe which isn´t available. I used to SS because i get a movement speed buff + iframe to avoid certain skills, then when hong was 80% and he pulld me, if i tried to F + ss , i was dead 100% of the times, so i decided to longer use ss as part of my skill rotation and save it only for that part of the mech. VS hong as a kfm some skills have to be side steped, others iframed and others countered, so when he is bellow 25% i don´t actually learn the pattern of his moves because i will never get as much practice as i have for the other 75% so what i do is i sidestep while holding counter while having a finger right on top of my key for an iframe cause you wont get 10 hours+ of practice of the last 25% rotation in order to ever memorize it. For the other bosses you kinda just need to know when to stop attacking, their counters is the deadliest part of the third boss, and the second one you just need to block after he dashes behind u or else she will stun you. during the mech phase you need to iframe if she is to close during her dash + red circle. or if she is far you just need to run where the red circles already exploded(at the edges of arena), because they won't explode 2x in the same spot at the edges.
  4. Upcoming Blade & Ghoul Event Improvements

    NC soft listening to feedback who are you guys and what you did to the guys who instead of fixing the valentine heart effect they called it a feature and just included the text that it´s effect dissapear when changing zones instead of actually fixing it
  5. Requirements: -Have a passion for blade and soul -Have motivation to be that 1% -Level 45 (Effective Jan. 20th) -Awakened Infernal Accessories @ 10 or better (Effective Jan. 27th) -Bracelet and a Belt equipped (Effective Jan. 27th) -Weapon is 272+ attack (Effective Feb. 10th) -Completed Poh-4 at least once (Effective Feb. 1st) -Awakened Siren Accessories or better* (Effective Feb. 17th) -Completed BS-4 at least once* (Effective Feb. 24th)