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  1. FM Tastatur belegung

    Also ich benutze 1-4 und statt zxcv benutz ich numpad 1-4 (razer naga epic seitenmaustaten) hab also gewechselt : alt=neue taste 1=num4 2=2 3=3 4=Num3 Z= num1 X=1 C=4 V=Num2 Ich hab auf 1 - Inferno/snowball 2 - Dragonchar (Blazing Beam) 3 - Dragonwhorl ( Glacial Beam) 4 - Short Fuse / Divine Vail num1 - Ice Coil / Wildfire num2 - Blazing wall (Meteor Shower) / Frost Sheath num3 - Phantom Grip num4 - Impact da mein build (falsde die skills auf english net weißt)
  2. Eure Meinung zu der Klasse!

    seh ich ganz anders:P wenn ich in der gruppe bin , bin ich als Forcemaster der Schadensausteiler nr.1 , und wenn einer von hinten mich angreift, schmeiß ich instand mein eisblock:P
  3. Starting this topic here , in order to get a collection of nice FM builds for Pve / Pvp / PvX To show ur Build use: This is my build i used to get 10-0 in pvp 1vs1 and luckily only got noobs as enemys =D its all about bursting down ur enemy as quick as possible *will add my charpic later (still at work:P) Feel free to post ur builds and explain for what do u use it, and if u want set a pic of ur char below =D
  4. so forcce masters and the ugly bangles

    y they loook shit-.- ive a rly nice fm character, but its totaly ugly that she has a fkng big "thing" on her backhand-.- with a stupid long ... that clipps trough the ground ...
  5. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    hey , we both got a 1time use(bound to character) costume xD .... for 130€ xD ... /feelsbadman
  6. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    u know thats against the TOS right?^^ u are not able to buy nccoins for gold ingame from other players , will result in a ban
  7. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    What ? gw2 has Premium content? all Story chapter are free if u are logged in on release and 1 or 2 month after release, then it is buy2play.. everything is free except the addon so not any premium content there xD
  8. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    Guys , ur solutions are quit nice, but what about ppl that already bought this all? Do they ahve to get a compensation for it? because i have all inventory slots/ skill tabs on all my chars, if the pouches would be half the price i would be scammed hard dont u think xD?
  9. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    The daylie dash spin... "i rly hate it" it was fun for 6-8 days, and then ive to wait 20days to get a new one-.-
  10. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    feel free to make 2 more accounts, its allowed, but "if ever the account share things hit the patch, u have the fail on ur side:P
  11. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    ull get 1 free slot per releasing class like in all other regions, if not.. 10€ for new slot isnt that much
  12. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    yep , can confirm :P rank 9 here =D ( y the storage/merchant available everywhere is unbeatable) 10 is unreachable 8-9 = 184k points 9-10 only ~660k xD
  13. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    What about ppl like me, i bought every full inventory at all chars and have 1year sup and all chars have all 3 skill tabs, do i get punished for that, because u guys didnt wanted to buy it ? or dont have the money for it? so when it will happen that we get this everyday, whats then? ill throw them away?.. much more crap than the premium system now Edit: but yeay account wide bankslots / warderobe is musthave.. ive the Spin costume and 1year costume , and dont want to use them because its only for 1 character