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    After long times of waiting to find a match , like you. I found out people only play battlegrounds when its in frenzy mode.. happens everyday you could check the time clicking in the clock in game.
  2. 150-170 Ping KFM

    is it viable to play kfm with this ping of mine? using the full combo i can take 60-70% hp of the person(in pvp) but i don`t know if im doing 3rf wrong or if i am just not able to do 100% because of my ping.. can someone help me with that?
  3. Chi Master/Soul Fighter

    2 months hmm... more than i expected.
  4. Chi Master/Soul Fighter

    i just can`t take it anymore ahahaha
  5. Chi Master/Soul Fighter

    So im just wondering if its gonna take much longer for the new class to come? because since jan i am playing the game just to get gold for that new class.anyone know if asia got it much later after the lvl 50 content? And i would like to know if i want to play the class in any Asia server like Taiwan or KR, which one should i go for (thinking about ping), and if i would have to download the entire game again.?
  6. Dealing with the big arse gauntlets?

    hahah thats a problem for me 2. i like to use fury gauntlets because they aren`t that big( and a bit cool).buy you need to grind tokens at lvl 45 in mushin tower,buy with Ncoins or Hongmoon coins.
  7. Tips for counter play thread

    by the way i liked this : No "wait for 50"s. Waiting is for losers and joining the meta is for quitters , i feel you bro :) gonna get rekt in my KFM until they balance things.
  8. 5 reasons to whine about my class

    cat damage is okay, what hurts is his CC...
  9. Tips for counter play thread

    don't waste your SS, keep for when destroyer Q you.be carefull of fury and keep tab for when they do it, if you get a destroyer who knows anicancel and you wasted your tab. you are *cricket*ed.
  10. Tanking: How Does It Work?

    im not a pro in doing KFM tanking but what i can say to you, is that he is versatile as *cricket*, he can be whatever u want.Tank/dps, hydrid. Threats are always good to have , because that will make the boss, or mobs focus you, so you Group team can damage them without taking damage. I would`nt recommend it in mushin tower, because they will already focus you..(you are the only one there).just keep using skills that increase threat and doing damage, u will do good.
  11. Summoners

    Get the C To cause Daze, and use it in the cat when the summoner is close..Always USe Q/E for stacks and dodge in the cat and run to stun the summoners. Shuchin Said basically everything u need to know.(im just a gold player so, i deal with them with this)
  12. Alternative KFM rotations other than 3-R-F

    yeah R= left mouse button. And they are right,to do these kind of combos in arenas. you would have to actually stun them, because of the 2 and r Animation. So if you gonna stun, just do 3RF. Any master in 3RF can tell me how many times u do it in a normal stun?(2 secs).
  13. Outfit drop chance

    thats the place where drops the mane mask? if so i did it 240 times for the mask...People got it in 5-25 runs, but i had to do it 240 times... so the RNGesus is real... got 9 outfits from the first boss and 12 aprons.
  14. Quest Want the Wrong monster.

    the quest name is: I don`t know Why It asks me to kill 10 frenzied raptors, but it does not count unless i kill vermins. The Map is Hogshead Pastures. The quest is working if i do it killing Vermins but it ask to kill the wrong monster.
  15. BnS please

    happened to me too. but i was 3 away.hoping to get it and then comes this shit daily dash rewards now.