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  1. I know this is possibly a dumb question. It's been expanded on in the lower left hand chat box and probably beaten to death. I just want to know regarding DPS. Regarding both I've read that Shadow is good for consistency but for end game gear Fire is better. The only difference is cooldown rates for both and how often the crits proc. As far as practicality goes, shadow would be better to try to go for as fire is a hot commodity. Although, with the recent buffs it hard to say about shadow because they may both be on par, request wise. At this time, I'm running Shadow. And I know it seems like I
  2. What I'm most interested in are the weapons and accessories upgrade paths/ ways to obtain them. They state drops but what has changed? (My main concern is for the bracelet anyways) and trading in the respective accessories base form gives you a stage 1 whilst paying 10 gold (which isn't too bad). Then again, I'm still about 93 hands away from the one in dragon express.
  3. That makes a lot more sense! :D
  4. So, wait, was the Level 55 patch introduced during the Zulia raid or was it after? Because I know that Maestro is supposed to come afterwards.
  5. Well, I suppose I haven't seen that, granted I pug most of the dungeons. I've encountered a lot of people now that are either hm12 - 16. HM 11 is starting to look more common now. I'm currently at HM 11 and it took me a few months to reach even that. The moment you try to get past baleful 12 you hit a bit of a slump unless you get into a run with either a clan or purchase a carry run to get the mat you need to progress. It's all in gold though. When I go into a dungeon I go in with the gold I have on hand and if it's enough, good. If not, better luck next time, I'll get another chance later on
  6. Actually, no, that's not entirely true. I can't spend hours or even a whole day grinding out dungeons, raids, etc. everyday. I have to work and out of everything else I work second shift, so by the time I do get home, it's well near midnight. Don't get me wrong, I will take the time to learn a dungeon and the mechanics. I may not be the best at them and more than a few failed attempts but I learn rather quickly. Most people now are at around 1000 or so ap. I'm sitting at 980 or so but I'm more concerned about grinding out gold. I won't call anyone an "undergeared noob" or so to speak because o
  7. Well, here goes, I know it's more of a look out on the news and forums for this but I do hope that the next Trove will feature the blackstones, Legendary accessories, Transcendence engine, Divine Grace stones and Raven Kings Souls on it. It's not too great when the Raven King's Souls were on the drop table and never really showed up, not even in any of the crits. I know that the legendaries are better placed in crits, regardless, plus the gems, this time incorporating the obsidian ones, element specific. I noticed in the TW trove I think (Post VT patch) where there was a bar at the
  8. I have a feeling that this next trove is going to be one of the biggest to come. But the values and what drops in it are what's going to be most important. We lost those hands and whatever they went to. But I have a feeling we will see the unlimited quantity, when you hit them... in trove... Of course, after you spend hundreds in keys. :/
  9. @LiinxyWhy did your team just decide on that as the final decision..?
  10. Now the interesting thing would be if the bracelets were kept with anyone from the event/ occurrence/ accident and before it and in addition to that, the rate in which the bracelet drops from sanctum were increased to where it is palatable. Because, aside from this, there's a number of things... Right now, there's the new soul that is out and soon it will be the update for VT which comes with the gloves accessory. By that time, Kunlun will be out (seeing as we won't be getting Gonryun) and this upgrade path comes after Raven/ Chokma. All in all, there's going to be more weapons, accessories, a
  11. Hello, I have sent a request for my character to be transferred over from the Hajoon server over to the Mushin server. On the BnS website, it says that the server transfer was completed. However, when I logged into my account, she still remains in Hajoon and she is not in Mushin. I thought that the character server transfers were supposed to happen every Wednesday... What happened here??? PS. A ticket has already been sent in regarding this matter..
  12. At this moment, it's three mats that are easily the longest farm and most difficult to obtain. Evolved Stones, Sacred Oils and Elysian Crystals. Elysian Crystal (forget about the orbs because those can be sold) is a hit or miss, granted, most has to deal with rng anyways. Although, it's a long slog through any upgrade unless you have the time for it, or the money to buy the mats from f10. Most of the time it's sacred orbs and sacred crystals (They weren't joking when they said it would be dropping like candy...) Other ways to get the mats to either make the sacred oil or the evolved stones wou
  13. I don't think I'm the first to say this, but I think, more than just some of us started the quest line. Now, my question is, why delay the quest line as you know so many enjoy the story. Unless of course, you intended for the 55 and ultimates patch to be introduced in it. >.> Update; nevermind I see what you mean, 1234567891. There's no real dialogue...
  14. Alright, so cost reductions or alternative ways to pay for the Soul upgrades. These won't come until much MUCH later, because KR also realized the problem and would be implementing the alternative way for players to get their soul. On the other hand, that update would be coming with the 12-man raids after the level 55 patch and Maestro. So, it would be somewhere around there because Maestro comes out after the level 55 and Ultimate patch. :/
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