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  1. If it doesn't involve more money going into their greedy held out hands, nothing will be changed for the better.
  2. So after alllll this time, the in combat bug still exists. That's pretty sad.
  3. ...if they don't do anything? When I played WoW and had to contact a GM with an issue, it was handled and resolved by that GM. I never got any of this copy paste bullsh*t from them, just a quick and satisfactory resolution. Why does it take days if not weeks for your customer support team to do the simplest of things? So instead of your so called GMs playing pass the buck, why not make them do some actual work? Last time I was forced to bring in outside help to get an issue resolved. You can dam*n well believe I'll do it again, and it
  4. Nice patch. Are the constant disconnects a new feature? Zero problems since launch and now I crashed two times after patch.
  5. If you don't see it I feel bad for you :(
  6. You go store, you buy now! - NCSOFT
  7. Obviously, F spammers complained about quest turn ins and double interaction with NPCs. You put in a delay that solved the main issue. Problem is you failed slightly. The delay is still present after quest turn in, and that's perfect! Now, remove the delay you put in at the turn in prompt, and you'll have done a great job.
  8. I'd rather development resources be spent on worthwhile activities.
  9. B&S was released in 2012 Ncsoft is disgustingly greedy unlike Anet.
  10. I couldn't before I bought Ncoin and I still can't after. Please explain to me what "nonsense" you're speaking of? Only thing that I see as nonsense is your reply to a truthful post.
  11. Razer Naga Epic mouse here. I can bind them all, not sure what your deal is.
  12. Whether or not they'll do anything about it. That's a huge bucket of fail.
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