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  1. Servers crashed ?!

    I really thought that the AION-Gameforge server were shit after GF took over from NCsoft, but i also have to admit now, that i have not had even a single day in B&S without a disconnect cuz server crashed or whatever. NCSOFT YOUR SERVER PERFORMANCE ARE SHIT, just saying.
  2. Those damn Servers

    EU, can't even get past the launcher, even that shows something is wrong.
  3. Besides all those Server restarts and all the fail update times, may I ask >>>whyyyyyyyyy the hell<<< are those servers so crap? pls tell me. All those disconnects because of the servers going down and then there is the inability to even character switch for a premium user,rly?. There have not been even a single day without either a restart or a server crash. FFS NCSOFT Cmon u can do that better