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  1. P.S, This is a long post and English is not my main language so there might be some mistakes in the topic so pardon me if you found any mistakes, thank you :D

    1) I was playing the NA version for a year and a half, this game is really fun and I got no major complaints at first. The only thing that bother me in this game is the ping because I live in SEA region, I need to use desktop apps like WTFAST or pingzapper to reduce my ping in the game so I can keep saint in the game or else I will click my mouse and my keyboard like a maniac because I have to click it first so my actions in the game will timed accurately.

    2) So one day, I suddenly freaking fed up with the ping in the NA and I sat in front of my PC for 5 minutes and think why I still keep playing this ping dependant game and yell in front of my PC. Suddenly, a thought popped out in my head saying: "why don't you try the Taiwan version, the game would be more enjoyable because the ping is low. So yeah I quit the game and install the BNS TW client and installed it.

    3) After the game installed and downloaded all the files needed, I began my journey in BNS TW (P.S I'm Malaysian Chinese so I can read and converse in Chinese). At first the game is so strange because I already used to English text in the NA so the text and voice suddenly changed to Chinese is a bit weird for me and took me a while to get use to it. All of the map areas, dungeons name I need to memorise again and I even searched online for the pictures of the map and dungeons in English to compare and memorise the names in Chinese.

    4) In the NA I really like soul fighter (TW players named it as <氣拳 (chi quan)>,a combination of <Force Master 氣功士 (qi gong shi)> and <Kung fu master 拳士 (quan shi)>) so I play as a SF again in TW. When I played the game and use my skills for the first time I feels like I'm in heaven because the SKILLS ARE SO FREAKING SMOOTH! I finally can experience how players in America plays the game in low ping. I even got a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ during the game play ....... nah just kidding :D

    5) So after the day I stopped playing the NA and now already played TW version for half of a year now and I finally uninstalled the NA version. Let me tell you the differences between NA and TW version.



    NA Version I've experience until the day I stopped playing



    • The 90 days monthly premium pack didn't make me feels like a premium user and only gives little benefits to the players and the packs are an item for the game to milk money from the players
    • High-geared players won't help new players, high-geared players will kick low level and low-geared players out without even thinking twice. I got kicked for so many times at the early stage of 950++ AP and the dungeons I got kicked out before is like Naryu Foundry, Naryu Sanctum and Irontech Forge which are the dungeons that a team of 950AP to 1K players with mechs are capable to get through but only requires longer time. (majority of the high levels, not everyone so don't say bad comments to me please it is just what I experienced in the NA version D:)
    • The players I've encountered keep getting lesser and lesser and all of my 45 friends that I used to play with before not even one is online in the friend list and I already quit from 3 clans because all of them is not online anymore QAQ.
    • The Ncoin items are expensive to me because of the currency, I'm not blaming the game selling items too expensive, this is not whining but just what I experience in the game
    • A f2p player like me is seriously so hard for me to grind the items and gold because the content pushed out too fast I can't keep up the pace, all I can do is just play casually and try to look for some fun things to do in the game.
    • Back to when the level cap is just 45 level and our maximum AP is just between 400-500, I watched a Youtuber plays as a KFM (the first character I played is KFM, SF is my third character) with 430++ AP can finish mushin tower up to level 7 Jung Ha Do with no sweat, but for me I can't even pass level 5 at that time because of my ping and my pizzas are Poharan set and my AP is close to 400.
    • After I quit the game sometime and before I uninstalled my game, I just come back and see anything has changed in the game. The daily rewards ( 3hrs login reward) are horrible they are just bunch of 10K experience charm and the 100K charms and if I'm not mistaken the 100K charms cool down is 20hrs so whats the point the game gives the normal players 3 a day and premium players 6 a day.
    • The Nshop and Hongmoon coin shop items are quite limited I say, especially the items in Ncoin area 80% of the time I browse the shop is just time-limited costumes only, not much options for players to choose in my honest opinion.
    • The players that joined into the room leaves so quickly like 30 seconds then leave, I'm like can't you wait a little longer? The most annoying thing is the exact moment the player left another player joined the room and the cycles repeat until someone can wait patiently and finally the room is full, the cycles I've experienced in the game took me about 5-10 minutes each. EACH!
    • I saw the servers shrink from 10 servers down to 2 servers left. From what I've seen and experienced from quite many MMORPGS, consolidating servers means the players is getting lesser and lesser so they merge the servers to cut down the cost from closing close-to-empty and ghost town servers. I know there are still players in the server but is not as many as before. And I'm not saying the game is dying so don't talk bad to me D:
    • The high ping made me so hard to play in dungeons, the dungeons that I know the mechs are up to Naryu Sanctum and my AP is 1K+ and I only deal average damage between 40K-60K and it is such a shame because the NA players in my group with 900AP++ managed to DPS the boss higher than me. I feel so humiliated by the game itself. 
    • I can't enjoy the game's main core aspect which is PVP with high ping and I will get killed within seconds If I encountered Blade Dancer, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master and Assassin, the classes which are designated for PVP and basically any classes can kill me, non PVP class just take longer to end me D:
    • Last but not least and in my honest opinion, the management didn't care about the optimisation problems in the game instead, they just keep pushing out cash-grabbing items and events to milk players, at least this is how I feel towards the management in this game.



    • The players are quite friendly,interesting and funny from what I've experience in my server which is Master Hong before the servers merged and I still remember at the early stage of the game there's one player that keeps promoting Alienware in the chat and always makes me laugh when other players joined the conversation. Ahhh good old days :D 
    • This game has nice story to keep me hook to the game even though my ping is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
    • The graphics in this game is insanely good for a MMORPG.



    TW version I've experience so far



    • This game is highly recommended to those players who can read and converse in Chinese who live in SEA region. If I'm not mistaken, there is English patch for the game too but requires to follow step by step carefully to install it.
    • The ping is optimised for SEA players, trust me if you've played NA and switch to TW you will understand why I left NA.
    • The 90 days premium makes me so premium, the 90 days pack contains 1 exclusive outfit, 1 head adornment and the tokens that players needed to exchange items during event period and other items like experience charms and exchange tickets to exchange 7-sided gem and 6-sided gem. Premium members will get a nice little boost in stats like AP, critical rate,critical damage and etc to farm things a bit easier. If I'm not mistaken the stats only applicable in PVE and open world Faction PVP, when comes to F8 class PVP, the stats are not applicable and all you need is skills and luck in class PVP, that's it.
    • Premium players can get 600 HM coin per day until the end of the subscription to purchase daily items in the HM shop.
    • Periodically, the game will introduced new outfits but they combine it in a 30 days premium pack, so players can get a costume, items and tokens and a 30 day premium. Costumes like for example, swimsuit during the sales period will sell separately with another price.
    • The daily rewards (the 3hrs login time)  in this game for normal players are good and even better if you're a premium member, the rewards contains boxes that depends a bit on your luck to open to get items to upgrade your ring, earring and etc, 10K and 100K experience charms with 2 seconds cool down and 100K experience charms with 20hrs cool down and the tokes for the event that the game is holding at the particular period of time. The game won't discriminate normal players that much in my opinion.
    • The items in the Nshop is cheaper for me now and more valuable than items in NA.
    • The grinding part is still exist in both version but in TW there is a Celestial-Basin-look-alike Faction PVP place for players to grind mats. It is called floating island (浮島 fu dao)in silverfrost mountain area. Players require to collect Prestige Points from clearing quest just like how you grind peaches in Celestial Basin. After collecting 250 Prestige Points, you can exchange 25 of the tokes first, then only you can exchange the box. The box fixed rewards are approximately 10-13 soulstones, 7-8 soulstones crystals, 3-4 moonstones, 5-6 moonstone crystals and rewards by chance is soulbound stone. And trust me it is way much easier to grinds mats compare to NA.
    • Most of the high level and high-geared players will help low level and low geared players, if you are low-geared, all they want you to do is just focus on the mechs, the rest they don't even care because they know they can pass the dungeon normally while carrying low-geared players that knows the mechs. But for the top 4 new dungeons, they won't let low-geared players enter because low-geared players will die within seconds when engaging boss, this is reasonable for me in my honest opinion.
    • I'm a f2p players and my current AP in TW is 1171 and my gear is considered mid to upper mid tier and I can deal triple of the damage in NA because of low ping and good AP. I played only like half a year because the game really take care new players. The speed of grinding mats and gold is normal for me and I can keep up the pace eventually even though I play casually.
    • With a good ping, I can clear mushin tower up to level 8 with 500++ AP in the early stage of my journey in TW version.
    • The game is crowded with many players, there are 13 servers in the game and all of them is still rocking even the TW is out already 4 years. There are 7-8 servers are highly compact, 3-4 mildly compact and the server I'm current playing is normal.
    • I now can enjoy F8 PVP and can kill players with my soul fighter with low ping. But still blade dancer is still a cancerous class in PVP  D:
    • The game has a lot of benefits for players, there is a spot in the official website for players to claim items just like coupon if players have met the requirements. For example, a player top-up certain amount of Ncoins can get an extra reward. Treat this coupon thing like something extra when you fulfil something during event period in the game.
    • The players I met in this game and my clan mates are very friendly and kind to me. Only a minority of players will talk and behave like ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to you. But just only a few shitty person I've encountered so far.
    • There is a list of fixed exclusive costumes for premium members but only can be bought with HM coins. Some costumes are really good.
    • The are players from many different countries in TW version.
    • In TW version, you can't buy gold with Ncoins. So you have to farm on your own on a bad side but it prevents P2W on the good side, sometimes you have to give and take :D
    • My experience is really enjoyable so far :D 



    • The costumes from events, Nshop and HM stores are not account bound which is really sad for me D:
    • Some impatient leaders in the dungeon will turn on their mic and scold you if you don't know the mechs of the dungeon but you said you know and you died when the mechs kick in. So admit in the first place that you don't know the mechs and require some guide, tell nicely and they might or might not teach you.  



    So that's it, these are the differences between the 2 versions, there are still a lot for me to write but I might just stop here :D , for those who still play the NA version, I respect your loyalty and the time and effort that you've been given to the game. If you want to come and experience the TW version, you are always welcome :D


    And at the moment that I uninstalled the NA version of the game, I felt a bit sad and disappointing because all of my time and effort are gone QAQ. But anyway, I'm not regret to do so because in TW version, I finally find a place that is suitable for me to stay :D


    This might be the last topic that I'll be posting here so good luck, have fun and until next time, PEACE!!! :D

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  2. 1) OK first off the game seems like not dying but actually it is dying. When a game merged the servers, that means the respective server is low on population so NC need to merge the servers to make the game looks like still active. For me, yeah the game is dying in the future but it won't be dead in recent.


    2) Secondly, NC should listen to our player's opinions and try to improve the game play. The first thing that NC needs to do is to optimise the game for both AMD and Intel. In my case I got a AMD-A10 5750M processor and Radeon HD 8670M + 8600G dual graphic laptop. Although my specs met the recommended requirements but still get an awful FPS like 20++ and bad optimised game will killed a lot of fun. I know normal laptop isn't meant to gaming but I'm pretty sure my laptop can handle it in normal or above normal graphic in about 45 FPS with no problems. The second is the most common one which is hacker, spammer and bots. I know most MMOs do have bots or hacker issues but it seems like NC just don't give a damn. Third is NC should implement a new dungeon system for new players to let them play the dungeons with skill matched players instead of suffering from being kicked out from the dungeons lobby because of low in AP. There's still lots of the issues that NC having right now but I stated the most common problems.


    3) Yes the casual players will face problems in upgrading weapon. I did spend some of real cash for the in-game currency because the time for casual players to acquire items or money is very long. For money part I can say now is easier than before but the upgrading costs and mats still over what you have earned.


    All of the above are my opinions to this game. And if you found out that I got some errors above, English is not my main language, Cantonese is.

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