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  1. P.S, This is a long post and English is not my main language so there might be some mistakes in the topic so pardon me if you found any mistakes, thank you :D 1) I was playing the NA version for a year and a half, this game is really fun and I got no major complaints at first. The only thing that bother me in this game is the ping because I live in SEA region, I need to use desktop apps like WTFAST or pingzapper to reduce my ping in the game so I can keep saint in the game or else I will click my mouse and my keyboard like a maniac because I have to click it first so my actions in the game
  2. I just want to listen what you guys are thinking about this topic. Because I'm curious why some ppl said this game sucks and some ppl are defending this game.
  3. Maybe yes maybe no, depends on what changes brought to us by the dev team. I do love my character and all my precious stuff and I hope I won't rage quit in this game
  4. 1) OK first off the game seems like not dying but actually it is dying. When a game merged the servers, that means the respective server is low on population so NC need to merge the servers to make the game looks like still active. For me, yeah the game is dying in the future but it won't be dead in recent. 2) Secondly, NC should listen to our player's opinions and try to improve the game play. The first thing that NC needs to do is to optimise the game for both AMD and Intel. In my case I got a AMD-A10 5750M processor and Radeon HD 8670M + 8600G dual graphic laptop. Although my sp
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