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    Last time I checked when a female goes shirtless it's M rated but when a male does it then it E for everyone. Double standard is this truly mean not favoritism, how about shirtless female options oh wait
  2. Has Blade and Soul failed?

    By far the stupidest logic I read on a mmo board
  3. Any not completeing daily dash

    I been completed it 4 days ago
  4. Issues with the game; a constructive breakdown.

    Funny when I watch esports I never see a asian win in sports games, shooters or even "who got the biggest D***" Just because the game comes out way earlier for them does not make them better just more experienced.
  5. They still do those things, only now cheap bastards sell soulstones x2 now. /invalid argument
  6. Dont save your credit card

    ariea games did the same and tried to take my money, bank blocked them I know it wasn't paypal since I used it for years and never had this problem
  7. I requested removal of all cc information and I dont even use their site's credit cards input.
  8. that was fun guys a long good bye

    Don't beg it's against forum rules
  9. Please nerf terrors in soulstone plains

    I thought you had a point for a second then I stopped and looked at the asian man language.
  10. new daily dash......

    The other wheels seen more random while this one seems to force low rolls.
  11. Premium Membership

    Most likely to prevent them from getting a charge back through Paypal.
  12. What is this end of world?

    Implying bots wont get to those dungeons They removed it because they know prices will rise and every other suggestion we give them gets thrown out the window. Look at the stamps while other servers get account wide wardrobe, plain simple cash grab.
  13. Like I said they should have make every soulstone bound to account which does not benefit bots, at least read it first. The only ones complaining were the greedy bastards who like to buy low sell high.