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  1. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Sometimes I question why there's even a race lock at this stage...
  2. Golden Flower - Copied?

    They chose a single source material for inspiration, that is what led to eventual copying. Always check for other materials, even if the other materials don't fit your desired theme just to add elements of originality to it by going off your initial theme. Better to have a hundred you can combine into one rather than have one that you can't do much with.
  3. I came all the way back here from quitting this shit because I have to deal with deleting more of these shit... honestly this is just too ridiculous... some decisions I'm regretting, joining BnS is becoming one of them...
  4. Tried to really be patient with this game... Really did. But of course, as always, hackers and bots get ignored and everyone else gets shit on by Bots and Shit... And the best part about it is, ever since I joined BnS, there's been constant attempts of breaches on my other stuff on other websites and MMOs. And before the whole "you have a virus/You just using the same password on erythang" comes up, I have a shit ton of passwords that I have to literally list them down in my notebook so I know which password is for which website/game etc. (which never leaves the comfort of my home nor does it have the emails or logins so to others, its just a list of shit lel, it has website and the password, that's it) and I scan my computer on a weekly basis with 3 different anti malware/virus scanners. In the wake of it all, I guess I'm out. If they wanna go ahead and ban me or something over this thread, pfft go ahead. The amount of times I've tried to show a positive output on this game can only go so far.
  5. A list of things you'll never see

    I dunno, seems pretty mature to me, they have a point, we'll never see any real game fixes with BnS team continuously avoiding the real problems.
  6. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    The more I see Gameguard, the more I'm reminded of my war against that piece of shit of a anti hack system... It doesn't solve anything, it only makes things worse, far worse it affects legitimate third party programs that are supposed to help boost gameplay experience (RIP GeForce Experience optimizer) and it continues to slow down the game itself for other people. I guess the war against this stupid anti cheat is continuously going to happen. Why MMOs insist on using this piece of crap is beyond me.
  7. Dont save your credit card

    Usually that just ends up them "Your account was accessed elsewhere so we banned it regardless". This is why I try my best to avoid using card on MMOs these days.
  8. Dont save your credit card

    They won't do it unless OP gives proof. Worst yet is if they fix their fraud via bank, NCSoft will ban them. While I don't really know the situation in full, NCSoft needs a better team to do customer support. Their usual bot responses are getting old.
  9. Melee vs. Ranged characters? Should I swap?

    I've played SF and while it is indeed only Ice skills, it's still much more convenient for people who want a mix of range or melee. I already stated on my original post that SF is sloppy at some parts in comparison to KFM and FM but it's still better for people who would prefer going mix range+melee. It loses some of KFM's most valuable traits such as Searing Palm and Fighting Spirit as well as the melee CC capabilities but it makes up for it with a controlled play style (melee or range), it also loses the serious damage output that FM dishes out when it switches between elements but again, controlled play style. I will admit, in comparison to other melee fighters, they would outplay SF when it comes to pure Melee fights. Same thing range fighters outplaying SF if they go pure range fights. But because of the combination of melee and range, it gives them an advantage due to a more fluid play style to suit the situation they are in.
  10. You know that Yunwa was Yunsang's daughter even before Silverfrost. Yehara literally tells you that her sister's daughter was adopted by Yunsang when you do the Lotus Flower mission when looking for Mushin's heir.
  11. They should be rewarded with something that makes it unique to them, not something that is for everyone but gives them an advantage. That's how Pay2Win starts off.
  12. Hello Kitty

    At best this makes it a parody which could work actually. Having played games like AQWorlds, parody seems to be a good way of creating representations of licensed products provided the design isn't a complete recolor (they'd need to change some textures and features and what not). Also I'm more than sure people with Jin females will see what's under the skirt lel
  13. Pay2Win is either the following Buy items directly from publisher to get stronger Get features that are exclusive to cash that will benefit you with easier gains of in-game content. In this case, it's the second. People who claim Pay2Win is simply "buy this for cash to get stronger" are obviously new to MMO, that or they have no concept of how Pay2Win works outside of "buy this for cash to get stronger"
  14. Melee vs. Ranged characters? Should I swap?

    Wait till Soul Fighter arrives before thinking about switching. Right now I'm still rolling a KFM but I'm struggling to actually do any damage since I'm too focused on the tanking aspect most times (Grand harvest raid mostly). I have a lvl 45 WL right now but despite it being ranged and far better at doing bosses, I very rarely see myself using her. My KFM is 49 right now and I've used it far more than I have WL which is a ranged class. The reason I say wait till Soul Fighter comes it is because the class is literally KFM and Force Master combined. You lose certain abilities from KFM and Force Master and some buttons are changed around along with some new skills but overall you can choose whether to go with tank role or DPS role with it in parties hence why it's a very nice class for people who want to have a bit of both. You lose the Tab buff for being able to switch between Melee or Range, it's really nice. It's a bit sloppy in comparison to KFM and Force Master for doing specific roles (KFM mostly, KFM is better at tanking imo, but SF does a good job with it if you know how to keep aggro while switching between melee and range) but overall it pretty much makes your Melee vs. Range dilemma feel resolved. At least mine did when I went on KR servers. I'm waiting till it arrives here in NA/EU then I'm switching my KFM to SF for the dual role.
  15. This. If you can find an alternative to using your credit/debit card, do it. Me, I haven't spent money yet on this game but I have found myself an alternative which is Paysafecard vouchers for UK. Literally, it's safest option I have because I'm using a voucher as opposed to card details.