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  1. Whenever I try to install the launcher it freezes like this, I've waited up to 30 minutes for this thing to move but it doesn't. Can anyone help me fix this issue? I really want to play the game lol.
  2. Impossible to solo with?

    I don't know if it's just me, or if anyone else is having this issue. I've been struggling for a while now to try and get used to Warlock but for some reason I have the hardest time soloing anything with this class. I am mostly on my Force Master and to me that class is better than Warlock because you can at the very least spam skills and continuously attack a monster. While I find Warlocks have issues with this. Also having a problem finding any good skills that either self-heal, regenerate focus properly, or even give me some survivability. Hope anyone can give me some tips on how to fix up my skill tree, I really wanna give this class a chance because I haven't been able to really unlock their full potential. The photos in this post are of my skill tree as it stands. Anyone able to give me some pointers on how to fix it up so I can actually survive during a battle? :P Thanks ahead of time, and happy gaming!
  3. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Thank you all for all your help and support. It was under maintenance and I failed to realize that. Fixed the issue and playing the game now. :)
  4. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Alright it seems to be working okay now, thank you all for helping me with this issue. :)
  5. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    This happened when I tried to install it. Is there anyone I can contact so I can get this fixed? Like through TeamViewer or something? This is just ridiculous.
  6. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Im a little confused, I don't see that when I open the installer or the launcher.
  7. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    I reinstalled the game about 6 times now, still the same results.
  8. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    I can't though, Windows 10 prevents you from reverting to Windows 8.1 and below after 30 days. I've tried everything to fix this but it doesn't work.
  9. Playing on Windows 10 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Okay so I noticed the maintenance is over now, and still have the problem. Any solution to this?
  10. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    Omg I feel like such an idiot.... I look everywhere on the internet BUT the forums, to see whats wrong. Thank you so much..... Hahahaha I feel dumb now. x,D
  11. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    Ok, I'll try that, thanks. When do you think it would be good to try and log in again?
  12. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    How does it work for you??? I've been having issues all day with Windows 10! Please tell me how you got it to work.
  13. I have been trying for 4 hours to get this game to work. I've looked everywhere on the Internet to try and find an answer, at first I thought it was my computer being a jerk, so I looked everywhere on trying to uninstall Windows 10. Nothing, except "too bad you played this for longer than 30 days, you're screwed now." So I got angry and tried finding a solution to playing with Windows 10, the biggest issue for me is that I played fine on my newly made PeeweePanda, until I had to speak the the Hongmoon leader after you learn how to glide. He wouldn't respond to me, so I tried relogging, none of the buttons were reacting to me clicking them, so I said "Whatever." and shut down the game. I tried to log back in, and wouldn't lemme patch the game again up to a certain point, it would go from 81%, to 99%, to 95%. I have been waiting for months to play this game. I was so hyped when I found out it was available to play. Please, if someone can fix this I would be eternally grateful. P.S Hopefully the image shows.