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  1. latinos

  2. Fps tweaks that helped me

    do I go to 100% to 99% , what does that change? doesn't the game only use 2 cores? (correct me if im wrong)
  3. latinos

    Estoy a favor de la idea de poner una traducción al español, pero no creo que se justifica una traducción de audio in english : I agree with the game being translated (the written part of the game), but I don't think its alright to change the audio.
  4. Poharan random stuff

  5. Fix the EU servers NCSOFT

    > when your internet looks like this but you got to put the blames on the game.
  6. Poharan random stuff

    your pic is broken bro, I need my daily dose of poharan.
  7. Petition: Hire in-game GMs

    you don't have to take my word. here are my final words : as long as they are making enough money , they are not going to take their product seriously.
  8. Petition: Hire in-game GMs

    idfk, the last I saw was like 1 month ago.
  9. Petition: Hire in-game GMs

    my point is : yes, there are GM's no, they don't do their job.
  10. Petition: Hire in-game GMs

    they are taking the game casually, they depend on gameguard to do the GM's job, and I bet they are not planning to change.
  11. ncsoft in a nutshell. they are like that retarded kid at school that can't take criticism.
  12. Petition: Hire in-game GMs

    bro, what do you know, its possible that are active GM's but you can't see them, they are like john cenas.
  13. Is ANYTHING being done ??? !!!

    if you are not happy with the game just move to something else. I already realised that the game is shit right now and im saving to buy black desert, but im not making a huge fuss just because "oww meh god the bots *cricket* me in arena, ugh bots everywhere / ugh gold sellers / ugh to many warlocks / ugh rgn sucks / ugh so hard to get gold give me free stuff / ugh omg lag im using coffe shop wifi why no work" just, *cricket*ing chill.
  14. Is ANYTHING being done ??? !!!