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  1. hi. I'm summer slaughter, level 43 destroyer with a heart of gold. i work nights. that means in my off time, when i'm playing bns, im up at night. night time here is midday in aus. aussies are cool. any aussie guild looking for the token american of the guild? hmu, ign is Summer Slaughter.
  2. im a destro i havent had much exp in pvp yet but my strategy, that works for MOST encounters face tank>kd>grab, slam around like a doll, rinse repeat most classes that ive fought cant handle that except for KFM and FM im probably playing completely wrong but i got ranked last time i did a tourney so either i was fighting bad players or this works. i just use my instincts oh and im specced for pve atm cuz im levelling
  3. im pretty new to pvp i dont have much trouble against any class except force masters. they just walk in circles spamming ice and stuff and i cant even turn my camera. i cant move at all. i just get nuked down. literally every fight has been, go, i grab them and do a combo, they get up, i can no longer move for the rest of the match how do i counter this. i know if i get to the little sob i can plant him like a bamboo tree.
  4. lol found this on shattered rise anyone find any other easter eggs?
  5. ^hmm. sounds like a compatibility issue. BNS is an older game isnt it? i wonder if black desert is going to set my pc on fire........
  6. i really dont get what ppl are on about my pc is a couple years old and i have a solid 60fps no matter whats happening, and almost 0 latency. heck?
  7. this has been happening since release but it's getting worse for me, just thought i'd get it out there and see if anyone else is having this problem. i have to log in about once every 3 mins or so. sometimes it's longer, sometimes it's shorter. but i am constantly logging into this website and being randomly logged out for seemingly no reason. is there a fix to this? ive tried clicking remember me but that doesnt seem to fix anything, and sometimes im having to sign in two or three times before it finally says i can post.
  8. this is going to be the case in almost any game, alts will always be better funded. it's math.
  9. i want to know what games you people are playing where you can buy a costume and use it on multiple characters ive never ever been allowed to do this in a game. costumes usually bind on use to that character.
  10. stop saying p2w im really tired of hearing scrubs vomiting that over and over knowing full well what they're saying is inaccurate. p2w is a pretty serious accusation to hit a game with, stop throwing it around for every situation like that oh my god im so triggered right now
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