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  1. Find something else, they didnt make soulstones to help you make money!
  2. the price going down is good 1. 2 the price was going down before hand 3 its your choice if you want the costume anyways. you'd have to pay real money anyways bro.
  3. Or maybe we actually like pve? Maybe we like being able to master the algorithms and patterns of bosses? Maybe we're not all itchy trigger fingered like you? Maybe we don't think playing pve is something to be ashamed of? And maybe you say the things you say because you have a classic mindset of stop liking the things i don't like?
  4. They actually posted the servers would be down for this morning like 2 full days ago, and also the spammers sucks, I actually only had to block 3 new spammers yesterday.
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