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  1. really, it is 11/10/2021 at about 7pm PST and that steel series is already out of KEYS... after making an account with them and everything.. talk about lame.. I JUST get off of work and log on to acquire a KEY as fast as I can and they are ALL GONE! completely LAME!
  2. Don't some of the older dungeons have those scales? I could swear some that aren't in f8 do, maybe try that too.
  3. I agree. We need players to feel free to make gold by selling things, that stimulates the economy. Please make the fee lower. thanks.
  4. Me 2 and I got kicked from the dungeon 2 times today... Im fighting them BAM I am not in the dungeon any longer.
  5. My fonts seem to be HUGE and I am trying to get the UI to work properly too. It seems that my UI just decides to do weird things and I am perplexed as to what I am suppose to do. For example: my quest log fits under my mini map, then the next moment it won't return to the size in which it was previously, meaning it is WAY larger and goes OVER most of the right of my whole screen, then I have to open up the UI and manually size it back to a smaller size. Yesterday I had to fix this issue more that 6 times.. ;_;
  6. I tried to do the dungeons with a bunch of seasoned players and even we all were questioning this "Easy" mode and kept asking.. "IS THIS HARDMODE" like when were saying this over and over.. it was pretty mad, crazy..
  7. I was wondering why I could not open it on my duel blade character. I just assumed it was my mistake and I had to do some quests or something to be able to equip it. SOoooooo What is the solution, WILL we be refunding the time and money and effort that we've put into this new class that we've made? I don't understand, maybe there was something written on this that I didn't read about so many issues with this patch and update and event.. I keep making mistakes yet seem to find it isn't my mistake, it is because the lack of insight and communications from some in the team of BnS..
  8. Mine is too, I was thinking maybe ch. 7 wasn't updated afterall.
  9. Yes, I did that pre-load last night or yesterday, it says "BnS_ UE4" and then I can click on it, and launcher it takes me to the sign in dialog box. I think it is all I can do to make the game down load.
  10. I have that new launcher that I am using now, but I did not remove any of the old stuff, because I want to do it just like they say, wait till after EU4 goes Live and then remove items. My friend will come over and remove them for me, he said, so I don't have to mess it up.
  11. Will we have to download a whole new game after Blade & Soul's UE4 patch is done at 5pm PDT? Or will I just be able to open up the new launcher and the NEW version of the game will be there? Thanks for helping me.
  12. Okay, thank you. I will take it off after the Eu4 is done. 🙂
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