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  1. So if you buy an outfit with real money you can salvage it the normal way? and i have the Old Stratus Empire Armor and I can see the fabric icon but can't salvage it!
  2. Guys I need to ask something! I am not pretty sure I get how to optain fabrics. I read all those threads about salvaging some specific outfits to get fabrics or paying real money for outfits you can later salvage...etc The question is: How you salvage it? I have outfits that I can see the fabric icon when I hoover over them but it won't let me salvage it the normal way (same way I do with Soul Shields) Please help!
  3. Yeah. It would be nice if they fix it cause for some crafting and gathering is their main income. Of course then is the thing that someone also mentioned before, crafting system is not working well as the "valuable" outcome items of any craft (like Unsealling Charms/ Keys/ tonics) are all given away like candies from dailies or dungeon drops!
  4. Guys is this a bug? When I finally get to find a well or quartz I can gather, it keeps telling me "you need more permissions". And why in chat says ' this item belongs to another player.'? how is this possible? Like if it's not hard enough already to farm this.... :/