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  1. Just when I thought I had a chance to actually catch up on this game after returning I end up seeing this crap. http://prntscr.com/i56752 I've had it with this game and the people who run it. The way I see things is they delete older items and continue adding new items just for players to continue spending money. No wonder why they're down to two servers for NA, and all it took was just two years. I can't imagine what the population will look like after a year. Not even after two years they could fix battleground it's completely broken with all the whale players. All you see is co
  2. I still need to do the skybreak dungeon for the raven material to make it stage 3 right? I also was told there's new legendary accessories too? Are they better than the old ones?
  3. I'm currently a wl with stage 12 weapon with crappy gems. my items aren't the greatest im probably at 1k attack. i've realized that this company removes old items then adds newer ones like it's a non endless farming or p2w. So my question to the f2p players is it possible for me to actually catch up to the p2w players? I recently came back and back then stage 12 was pretty op but nowadays im just seeing everyone running around with rave king weapon +9. It's unbelievable how many are geared up now it just makes me feel that it's not even worth trying anymore. Can I get some honest suggestions p
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