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  1. Old Man Cho Is not there

    did you do the Feather Quest? if not go to the Faction Place in the Middle and Buy it from a merchant there *feather*
  2. my account was locked after i quitted the game and rejoined XXXX (Blade and Soul) Sep 13, 19:30 PDT Hello, We reviewed the case and while the sanction is consistent with our policies, we are offering a Final Warning. Repeated behavior may result in closure without appeal. This includes the presence of software discussed below even if it is not actively used. Registered users are held responsible for unauthorized access and bad behavior;http://us.ncsoft.com/en/playsmart/ has account protection tips. Account Name: XXXXXXX@hotmail.com Offense: 3rd party software Sanction: Closure overturned to Final Warning We prohibit use or possession of software that can be used with a game client, which enables: automated gameplay - unattended or attended gameplay where decisions are made or actions taken for the user; exploitation - abuse of bugs or unintended gameplay to gain benefits beyond what it intended for all users; or software modification - altering the client or altering or monitoring communication between the client and server, including cosmetic changes only visible to the user. Regards, XXXX NCSOFT Support Team -------------------------- i... Never used any 3rd party Programs maybe i putted a vpn on once Mistakenly or its a bug with razer synapse Please Before anything more happen can i get this Fixed?? i dont want to get my account banned for nothing im still useing razer Synapse
  3. its simple just do a punishment like 1st - ban for a day sending a msg to hes email for what he did and why he got the ban 2nd - for a week sending that he will get perm ban if he dont stop 3rd -Perm ban (i suggest to make it like 1st ban for 3 days with msg on email so he can contact the support 2nd - Permban )
  4. game update issue

    Never Mind!! i checked my router and it was dcing every 5 sec so fast and reconnect i fixed that Sorry for annoy ^^
  5. Problem Downloading repair Files

    it wont work !!! Q~Q
  6. game update issue

    hi ehh... i saw alot of people having the same problem.. please any fix? im begging you the game wont update its just stuck on preparing.. 0% and wont update
  7. im with you and everything! but! the outfit salvage? why do we need to buy outfit to salvage it? you can make salvagable outfit RARE they put the outfit you get from bosses unsalvagable onlt the outfit from the shop are salvagable i think they did that duo to the bot farming and lowering the price of outfits if it is like that i really hope after fixing the bot shit they make it back ( please let the characters slots sellable on market :3)
  8. BnS Reaction Gifs

    WHATS THE PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES ANIME? i hated mirai nikki cause i hate anime with lot of deaths like Akame Ga kill Akame Ga Kill = WATCH,FELL INLOVE WITH CHARACTERS, WATCH EM ALL DIE TERRIBLY ONE BY ONE
  9. for me the game has nothing like P2W and that awesome only one thing.... the Fabric and high quality Fabric you get those to get a random outfit but to get it you need to salvage outfit and there is a chance to come anyway NCSoft has made all outfits unsalvagable (cause of bot farming are lowing the price in beta and so) and now only the OUTFIT from the NCstore /Hongmoon store are salvagable and its really not worth at least i need 4 fabrics and it had a chance to not complete guild out fit need 100 for each so?? IMPOSSIBLE at least make the outfits like Ivory Specter are salvagable :( its hard to get but atleast we dont have to pay for it
  10. you let him die to repeat the quest The outfit is really rare from what i read they said atleast prepare to try 100 times
  11. BnS Reaction Gifs

  12. Lyn: Possible New Customization Additions

    Dude that would be PERFECT but i got only one question there is some colors on ears that Hair dont have what are we doing with this? i think adding a customize color would be Cool
  13. idk maybe he want the Outfit shadowstrike so he is doing this method
  14. Races and their classes [suggetion]

    but i want to make a male force master and i want him to be a man not a kid also i dont want a mage with big body and muscles