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  1. The tower floors NEED a repair fire.

    They have field repair tools....
  2. Dot Hack is a level 3 Clan with around 45 members, At anyone time there are at least 10 online. We accept any active players to join in on the fun. We are also looking for more level 45 players to have more groups for end game farming. Please Pm MisLuckyy in game for an invite or if you see anyone around just ask them for one (:
  3. Will we ever get a FPS optimization?

    My computer has never dropped below 110FPS , even with skype up and youtube/facebook.
  4. If Im paying for membership then I would hope they would keep having two updates a week. I want the game to be perfect, thats why I pay to support them.
  5. You know you played too much BnS when..

    When your index finger twitches to press F when watching BNS videos .
  6. 5 Hour Downtime again

    At least its not on Saturday ?
  7. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    No problems here (: