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  1. 99% of them are disaster you don't need Nicola Tesla IQ to know that.With or without dps metter it will remain the same.
  2. Whats wrong with dps metter? It will just set META per class.Noone is expecting BM to outdps FM for example but there must be what an avarage dps per class should be and everything lower mean just the person is doing something wrong(aside from hes gear).I don't run with randoms at all but dps metter would help me and my friends to monitor our dps and what could be improved. Because instances after snow jade are really demanding and we must play like beasts anyway if we want the 4 man version.But to be beast you have to see what is wrong with setup/tactic/dps rotation etc.Things all important
  3. I have ass pc -6gb ram i3 2100 and gtx 580.Game was crashing a lot before I got SSD,but since then maybe once? Not sure.
  4. What I want from ther abillities to be changed is the cat grapple.Srsly 18 sec cd...
  5. I had such summoner in Arena 1h ago....so much fun lol.
  6. I rarely make groups but when I do I make sure everyone is geared as *cricket*.Why? Because I can.You don't like it? Feel free to make your own.I get some funny pms 1 week ago when I was looking for 4rth person for my Nlab 4 party.I asked for 55% and 440 AP member,why? Because such people rarely are newbies and they put an effort to gear up and learn the game.Thats how I met some nice people I keep playing with. Low AP team? I hate to carry strangers,sorry.Last time I went pug I had to solo one of the gods while 4 other people could not do the other and the 5th was dead for 3 min n
  7. I didn't seen so far KFM bots in EU.A single one,could be just my luck thu,but in EU bots are like none existent above 1650 ELO.At silver there is some Destros. I have seen 2 or 3 CD hackers but just that.They are rare too,or atleast late gold/early plat.Just seen BM and Summoner but I think there was third but don't remember what it was. I have seen few macro users.I know what god alike KFM can do and I can recognise macro users.Low minded people but they are rare too. Overall the lag is the one thing ruining my experience in arena.99% of the people I fight are actual pe
  8. And I get panic attacks from dogs that bark at me or being agressive.Even good dogies feel something about my fear and start barking and trying to attack me YET I have no problem to kill any damn dog in games.Dunno it just I don't mind virtual one.On movies is abit differnt thu but I still overcome the fear - it's there in the monitor/tv it will not bite me.And funny part is,my favorit animal is Wolf.I love wolves thus scared to death from them too. But I belive it is because when I was a kid I got attacked by a big dog and end up with a lot of stiches. Dunno I can't understan
  9. Or just there is less competive players and the very skilled individuals shine.Could be that.In Eu pass 1800 ELO is getting hard.Bots are nowehere to be seen above 1650,or is very-very rare.
  10. Only stupid assasin will be in 10m range from you while running in circle around you throwing shuricanes.Period. I struggle vs low minded sins,which are seems to be 99% of them.Run in the corners,perma hide throw poison bombs,shuricanes,here and there do simple combo and keep running,and running,and hiding,and hiding....Then you hear the 1 min gap...you are already desperate,you start searching for them,trying to get to them just so they can use ther lotus and port in the other side,of course again in the corner...and then timer run out and they win with score.....it's like 99% of
  11. http://www.amazon.com/G752VL-DH71-Gaming-Discrete-GeForce-Titanium/dp/B01578ZNQA/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1458008821&sr=1-3&keywords=g752 This imo is really worth it. Remember this is laptop you want to use for few years.
  12. It's not for gaming laptop.I guess you never had one.Because normal laptop on max details in bns will not just have low fps,but expect it to be above 80 cels all the time.Or shut down often like Alien does. If we talk about the degree without gaming,well it is around 45 I belive.Note this is laptop with 6700HQ and 980M video...
  13. I kite a lot especially the final boss in BSH if I feel like trolling people.I love to *cricket* them off stickin only in the corner from side to side :D
  14. I have cousin with G751.She play bns too and on her laptop she get maximum 70 degree cels after long playing and only in zergy spots like BW.For laptop with such specs 70-75 in mad zerg fest is amazing.Plus she have the old version,the new has even better cooling. And Alien serie is shit from some time already.Not as specs but cooling.If you want to keep your coffe hot,make omlette or something,sure get one yourself.Just don't cry if it start to shutdown often.Because thats what you gonna get.
  15. G752.Why? Top tier cooling,and trust me that is one of the most important things on gaming laptop.17 inches,top specs,IPS.G-sync.Worth the money.Enjoy.
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