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  1. 99% of them are disaster you don't need Nicola Tesla IQ to know that.With or without dps metter it will remain the same.
  2. Whats wrong with dps metter? It will just set META per class.Noone is expecting BM to outdps FM for example but there must be what an avarage dps per class should be and everything lower mean just the person is doing something wrong(aside from hes gear).I don't run with randoms at all but dps metter would help me and my friends to monitor our dps and what could be improved. Because instances after snow jade are really demanding and we must play like beasts anyway if we want the 4 man version.But to be beast you have to see what is wrong with setup/tactic/dps rotation etc.Things all important
  3. I have ass pc -6gb ram i3 2100 and gtx 580.Game was crashing a lot before I got SSD,but since then maybe once? Not sure.
  4. I kite a lot especially the final boss in BSH if I feel like trolling people.I love to *cricket* them off stickin only in the corner from side to side :D
  5. In some rooms like in POH FM boss you can SS thru the fire and fight the boss xD
  6. On burning targets I do 4-5k LB,10-11k Blazing beam and about 2k RB.Every 15ish sec dual dragon(only time I use fire F,which crit 3x ¬3k)which crit for 18-20k.At this moment noone can beat FM in pve dps wise. People forget that at 50 FM's is unlocking aura blast and Dragonchar/Blazing beam...And abit after that multiple blaze...
  7. Everyone can push himself with any class.In fact in the past(45 cap in Asia) FM was gimped as fck with literally no dmg,no CC and on top of that low hp.We was fcked up and even in TW with 250+ ping and gimped as fck FM I could beat him(short to enrage thu),so I think everyone can.And BM complaining is priceless...I have noobie BM alt with just awaken profane and no AP diamond even and I manage to beat him with 1 min left...what about if actually I was good in BM and had siren?? BM in the past(when my FM was shit bad)had one of the top burst dps in Asia,now uh not on FM lvl but close enoug
  8. I don't have any of the new gear yet....my weapon is siren and my soul shield is some mix of horse shit lol.
  9. Can Actually nc boost him.Like dunno hes hp to 1 mil or something.We have too op skill build for tower.1 mil hp and 20-30% dmg skill would be nice.OR better option for hard mode tower with better reward.Just blown f7 in 92 seconds.
  10. I wiped there for days with 250 ping in Asia.I didn't complain - I tryed over and over and over again,and I did it.And it's not just dps check - it's nice place to learn reactions,dps,deff and all mixed all togather. Most people either play offensive or defensive and can't mix both.Once you learn to do it(and mushin is nice place for it) you can be a very usefull tool for your group. Yestarday I tanked as FM ogre in BSH 4 for 50%(last 50) and I didn't die,even manage to put a lot of bleed stacks on him and we cleared it.Tanked one of the twins...soloed Grandpa last 30%(if dps is low he do
  11. Well in Windrest there is bulgarian guild and quite decent number of bulgarians spread in other guils,like myself. Успех!
  12. And there I'm with my I3 2100 and GTX 560 TI not even SSD and I have on optimized for combat and CTRL + F ~30 FPS in the dragon :D
  13. Beside sin *cricket* in POH 4 rest are easy tankable as FM.Just without frost fury is abit dificult thu :D Bad -part is long ago we had different HP pool aka FM had 14k HP with top gear at that lvl and bosses had lower dmg and then frost fury was OP.Now with this 28k HP I have is abit struggle but oh well.
  14. Frost Fury is your best friend if you like to tank...I don't but I end up tanking like most of the time...unfortunately.
  15. In Asia upgrading for example from awaken 36 to true 36 required soul stones as well.Here is just stone.Same for awaken/true profane - here just stone,in Asia stones,soulstones...
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