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    I just made another account when I had the issue. In fact, every character I'll try, I'll just make a new account. Why bother trying so hard to put them all in one account when you can't share costumes anyway?
  2. Obvious answers for f2p!

    I never found out why it's always either F2P or P2P subscription based but never B2P. Anyone care to explain why every single game company out there refuses to use B2P as an option? I seriously would have no problem if all the decent games were B2P.
  3. See? This is my biggest gripe with foreign MMOs, specifically asian MMOs. By the time we get to play it, it's so outdated to the point where none of the mechanics it offers even surprises me anymore. It's LITERALLY a 3 year-old game. This sort of problem will never be fixed, and it's sad that it won't because I don't even get hyped every single time a new MMO is announced because I won't be touching it for the next 3-6 years and that's if we're lucky enough for an NA publisher to grab it, go through like a year of beta and then finally release the game and when it is, it's outdated as hell. MMOs used to be the shit in my book, but I'm starting to lose interest. The only sole reason I'm staying in BnS is the combat. I seriously don't know why other games don't do combat like this. If you put this smoothness of a combat in any other game like Tera or Wildstar, I'll most likely quit BnS instantly. However it won't happen, so I'll be staying here until Ark Survival Evolved/Tree of Savior gets their shit together and work on those updates towards release. I never really understood the reason to quit over gold bot/spammers, every single F2P game has 'em. I don't know why it's a thing people quit over, like do you stare at the chat 24/7 or something? Because I don't. I make a new chat tab with just party/whisper/clan chat, I don't see the need for faction/region because reading it even without the bots give me cancer. No need to cry over gold sellers also, so what if other people are buying gold?
  4. NC to Gold ratio?

    Ah well that's reasonable I suppose, I guess the best would be to wait for currency exchange, even though who knows how long that'll take... =3= Yeah I've also noticed there really isn't a market for it at the moment since nothing much is wanted from the Hongmoon Shop other than the few decent costumes and premium. Although it would be nice to be able to find people to sell to lol.
  5. NC to Gold ratio?

    Anybody? :c I suppose no one atm is really selling through the gift method then
  6. NC to Gold ratio?

    I searched around and most of the topics I have found have stated that it is safe selling NC through the gift method. What I couldn't find was how much exactly is the ratio for NC? Do people even buy NC? Is there even value right now? I've found some people saying it's around 100 NC for 1 Gold which doesn't seem worth it selling a premium that has 30 days of benefits for a mere 9 gold. Yes I know there will be currency exchange but it isn't out at the moment, and they haven't really stated when other than when the the economy settles in, and who knows when that'll happen.