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  1. Figured I'd start a thread to help coordinate all the Orcz who are contributing to the Blade & Soul Wiki NOTE: I know there are a bunch of wikis for the game, but this thread is ONLY for the Orcz one. For any other wiki please use a different thread to avoid confusion. Anyway the purpose of this thread is to collaborate in collecting information from the game and adding it to the wiki, to ensure some level of consistency and quality, and to make sure people are not working on the same project simultaneously and thus wasting time. Anyway remember to bookmark the main page of the wiki: or if you are on mobile here is a handy shortcut: Some general guidelines when adding info: 1) Please include a screenshot in every entry, illustrating what the article is talking about. It makes a HUGE difference! 2) Try to avoid short stubs, like having the whole entry be "Bamboo Village is the name of a village". Instead, include a detailed description and names of NPCs, quests, or other stuff related to the entry you are writing about. 3) Make sure the entries are properly categorized so that the wiki doesnt get disorganized and so that it's easy for people to find what they are looking for. 4) Most important, have fun! You are basically telling the story about the world, the people there, the lore. Think of yourself as the great historian of Blade & Soul!
  2. Wrote the page for the Warlock Class: Blade and Soul: Warlock Also updated the classes page
  3. welcome to all the new wiki contributors who have chimed in :)
  4. Warlocks DMG In Stream Is Not Accurate

    is warlcok dmg supposed to be good
  5. How to mute that woman voice

    maybe in sound settings you can mute npc voices?
  6. Welcome to all the new people joining in on the editing :) Also anyone who still wants to contribute but has no idea where to begin, a good way is to find some page and add some new info, or even just correct a typo!
  7. or actually theres also chat tab options (wheel button to left of chat) you can also press reset there
  8. maybe try: press escape then press settings (its 3rd option down from right side, with wheel icon, under question mark Then press reset (its gonna be button on bottom left corner)
  9. Worked on map page for Bamboo Lookout and Foshi Pyres Still have to do NPC page for the characters there
  10. The Blade & Soul Subreddit is pretty active, but could use more subscribers. If you are on reddit, make sure to subscribe so it can be a big community Blade & Soul on Reddit See you all there!
  11. Not sure its true but it was just announced in the subreddit that the Warlock is coming beginning of March! Very excited!
  12. are servers down

    I cant connect
  13. are servers down

    never mind I'm in now!
  14. Should I blame my BAD luck?

    sounds like really bad luck?
  15. like every site on the internet there are many trolls and rule people (even on the forums) but there are also a lot of helpful and friendly people (also like on the forums)
  16. Forum spam

    whoa right now its really bad like 20 pages worth at least
  17. Some help please.

    did you try logging out and back in?
  18. I came up with a new template for side quests. Example: I Feel a Draft Includes lots of info, including: Location (ie Bamboo Lookout, Abandoned Well) Objectives (ie Obtain Blackram Battle Plans) NPCs (ie Chulwan) Enemies (Ie Taskmaster Limsu) Quest Items (Limsu's Battle Plans) Walkthrough Rewards (Blackrram Critical Soul Shield) Maps Strategy Guide/Tips Quotes Trivia Feel free to use the template in other side quests
  19. Completely lost here, Hongmoon Skill?

    i'd like to know too
  20. Question

    should run. Anyway its free to download and play so not like you lose money if it didnt work
  21. hey like I said if anyone wants a shot at improving those entries, it will really help out newer players
  22. Umm I kinda am in need of help

    do you have antivirus running that may be causing an issue?
  23. See screenshot here: The main thing that's really annoying is that long yellow message on the center of the screen that pops up in certain quests and stays on the screen until you advance in a specific quest or something. I've tried moving it via the "customize ui" option but couldn't, I've also not been able to find an option to remove it in the UI settings Second is the distance indicator (2m), less annoying but I'd like to remove it too Thanks