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  1. Wrote the page for the Warlock Class: Blade and Soul: Warlock Also updated the classes page
  2. welcome to all the new wiki contributors who have chimed in :)
  3. Warlocks DMG In Stream Is Not Accurate

    is warlcok dmg supposed to be good
  4. How to mute that woman voice

    maybe in sound settings you can mute npc voices?
  5. Welcome to all the new people joining in on the editing :) Also anyone who still wants to contribute but has no idea where to begin, a good way is to find some page and add some new info, or even just correct a typo!
  6. or actually theres also chat tab options (wheel button to left of chat) you can also press reset there
  7. maybe try: press escape then press settings (its 3rd option down from right side, with wheel icon, under question mark Then press reset (its gonna be button on bottom left corner)
  8. Worked on map page for Bamboo Lookout and Foshi Pyres Still have to do NPC page for the characters there
  9. Not sure its true but it was just announced in the subreddit that the Warlock is coming beginning of March! Very excited!
  10. are servers down

    never mind I'm in now!
  11. are servers down

    I cant connect
  12. Should I blame my BAD luck?

    sounds like really bad luck?
  13. like every site on the internet there are many trolls and rule people (even on the forums) but there are also a lot of helpful and friendly people (also like on the forums)
  14. Forum spam

    whoa right now its really bad like 20 pages worth at least