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  1. Wrote the page for the Warlock Class: Blade and Soul: Warlock Also updated the classes page
  2. welcome to all the new wiki contributors who have chimed in :)
  3. Welcome to all the new people joining in on the editing :) Also anyone who still wants to contribute but has no idea where to begin, a good way is to find some page and add some new info, or even just correct a typo!
  4. Worked on map page for Bamboo Lookout and Foshi Pyres Still have to do NPC page for the characters there
  5. I came up with a new template for side quests. Example: I Feel a Draft Includes lots of info, including: Location (ie Bamboo Lookout, Abandoned Well) Objectives (ie Obtain Blackram Battle Plans) NPCs (ie Chulwan) Enemies (Ie Taskmaster Limsu) Quest Items (Limsu's Battle Plans) Walkthrough Rewards (Blackrram Critical Soul Shield) Maps Strategy Guide/Tips Quotes Trivia Feel free to use the template in other side quests
  6. hey like I said if anyone wants a shot at improving those entries, it will really help out newer players
  7. do you have antivirus running that may be causing an issue?
  8. thanks, anyone else here who wants to jump in on the editing this is a good start. Just press "edit" and add some useful info :)
  9. good job guys, looks like we're gonna be wrapping up Hongmoon School/heaven's reach soon, and move on to the Viridian Coast
  10. Does anyone know if the Cookery of the Hongmoon School has significance in any quests or stuff? It's the only area of the school that's marked on the map but nothing happens there and you never get sent there unless I missed something If someone has more info on the significance of the area in the prologue feel free to update the page in the wiki
  11. still working on finishing some gaps in the prologue pages Maybe someone can start the Professions page: http://orcz.com/Blade_and_Soul:_Professions
  12. thanks again to everybody who has been adding lots of content, starting to look really good
  13. Cool :) I hope we can get more people to help. If anyone is new to this, every little bit helps, a good place to start can be correcting a typo or editing a section to add some useful information
  14. Hey thanks to all of you who have been adding lots more details and hints to the prologue quests, the pages look great Been working on the first quest from act 1: From the Water
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