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  1. inb4 they come in a bundle with very shitty sunglasses and 3 other useless junk for $35
  2. I, too, get mad over trivial things like being forced to play the game. Jesus Christ, is this a real complaint
  3. I want that shiny chest at the end of the lap I WANT, I WANT, I WANT
  4. He wants to do more dailies not do the same dailies more than once. How hard is it to just read?
  5. everyone watches twitch.tv Kappa
  6. Read some earlier threads about people being banned for using this. I'm sick of getting 300 ms ping spikes so I want to try out this software but I also don't want to be banned. Anyone using WTFast?
  7. *cricket* off back to 4chan where you stole that pic
  8. If only there was a way to look at your skills so that you can know what your class does. Literally the first thing you learn from Master Hong, Jesus.
  9. How much in-game money do you have? Curious because I'm the same level and have membership
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