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  1. Hi, I'm a returning player. Was very active I have over 6 alts with lv 50+. Looking to creating a gunslinger for the new content and need some active clan to play with. Big to PVP, PVE and types.
  2. Hi, I'm a returning player. Was very active I have over 6 alts with lv 50+. Looking to creating a gunslinger for the new content and need some active clan to play with. Big to PVP, PVE and types.
  3. Random disconnect?

    So since last night I've been having problems with random disconnect from dungeons like Mushin and 1v1 arena. Like I didn't have this problem before but now today alone I've got disconnected 4 times already. Does anyone else having this problem right now?
  4. Random disconnect?

    make that 7x disconnect for me. Like I don't even know what they added on the new update this is makin me really mad. I've renew my premium for what this disconnects?
  5. Can anyone tell me the materials that you need to craft this stone. I can't find anything in google that says anything about the materials on this stone. Since this will be the next moonwater transformation stone once Silverfrost comes out and people will need it to upgrade the legendary weps.
  6. Ncsoft keeps closing my Topics.

    ur ban from botting and exploiting end of story. Move on....
  7. Dude tht video don't mean a thing like u clearly see his soloing it alone try tht with 20+ ppl and see how perfectly u can execute that for 30+mins.
  8. So I've been trying to farm Blackwyrm for the past few weeks now and so far this is getting really annoying for me as Blade Master. I tried to max my def, block n evasion I also have over 40k HP. I also have HP, block, def and evasion soul shield lv 45 heroic and my atk is about 350. I pretty much just go all out from the beginning thn go back out once all my skills are on CD thn heal and go back to attack again. I do this till his HP reaches 0 but once he reaches 3% ill go all out on him till I die n wait for someone to rez me after. But so far I haven't seen or gotten any loot at all, but my other friends who are force master n Summoners or any range classes has been getting the loots easy. For melee it's useless to kill Blackwyrm since u'll just be wasting ur time trying to kill it and ending up dying in the process. Am I the only one who is having this problem?
  9. account has been banned.

    I bet his a Destroyer who bot his way up lol.
  10. account has been banned.

    What class is he?
  11. So far Blademasters are a joke in pvp. Like they can't do much other than evade to side n lift people up in the air. Other than that they are a joke class in general in this game. Also in pve they are average unlike sins can solo dungeons n sm can do BW easily without having to go close. So I don't even know why NCsoft add useless classes in this game is it to make more profit? like they can just leave BD as BM but instead they added another downgraded BM.
  12. Not only Destroyers taking over the PVE content they are also ruining the PVP arenas. Ncsoft really need to look at these botters n ban them before it ruins it for everyone that are actually trying to play the game properly.
  13. PVP bot Destroyers taking over the game

    This thing is gettin out of hand. Bots will "Destroy" this game. ;)
  14. Blademaster class in general is a joke.

    Not only tht ppl get annoyed with BM's when they lift up enemies accidently. the end of they day what does BM has it going for him?
  15. Blademaster class in general is a joke.

    I have BM n Sin as my side alts. Sin can easily solo brightstone ruin unlike my BM who is more geared thn my sin currently still having problem soloing it.
  16. Blademaster class in general is a joke.

    BM can't really solo dungeons unlike like sins can. Also tryin to farm BW with group of ppl n the lagg u get is pretty hard considering lower geard SM can easily use pets as for dmging the BW n get the loot in the end.
  17. Blademaster class in general is a joke.

    I've been watching n building same build as Jaesung BM build. so far its hardly working and even him gets killed by other classes with his BM. I've also tried this pvp combo tht ive seen http://imgur.com/a/LaYI2/all but other thn tht it's hardly doin makin a difference. Like Des can just spin stomp n grab u all day n win the match easily. Unlike BM we have to smash different keys just to win the match. how is tht even fair in this competitive game.
  18. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    Ohh damn why is does quest give less exp to lv up?
  19. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    Ohh I see btw will this be last patch will be gettin on march 3 as of lv45 content? Will they add lv 50 after this next patch comin up?
  20. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    Ok thx alot Elynya. :)
  21. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    Is this the Technique scrool u need?
  22. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    I hope we get it by crafting that way I can make some more gold. :)
  23. Silverfrost Mountains Evolve Stone

    From what ive seen from the other Ver. they go for 100g - 300g each
  24. In pro korean pvp BM is dead. They used to be good 2 years ago but then dev didn't really care much about them in korea.
  25. So since the market place is slowly dying with all this RNG boxes. There is no need for crafting guilds anymore why not just remove the crafting in this game n just sell more RNG boxes? Like seriously farming for mats was hard enough and then this thing drops on us. Why not just make everything pay 2 play? It cost more money to make the crafting stuff now like you get nothing in return. You hardly make anything anymore in this game. This RNG BS lessens the point of having a market place in the first place since u can pretty much get all ur stuff n NCshop.