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  1. I have actually run into several people who had more AP than I do, yet ended up dealing less DPS, and still those are the same people who would kick me from a dungeon if they could. Short of League of Legends, I haven't seen a community this terrible anywhere else, and I'm not far from quitting, at this point. People tell you to "gear up" while kicking you from all the lucrative dungeons you have to do in order to get the money to "gear up", it's disgusting.
  2. AP aren't the problem, the community is. People ask for ridiculous AP requirements and will kick you if you don't fulfill them. Some people will leave a LFP group for Heaven's Mandate that is full of HM 7-9 players, if there's a single HM1 in it. On top of insulting the HM1 player, that is. As if there were any chance to fail that fight, of all things. There are so many assholes in this game, it's incredible. And a big chunk of those that are above 500 AP do their utmost to make sure anyone below 500 AP can never catch up - or may even quit the game, based on getting harassed and k
  3. I do agree that Vipercap was a great event - it was helpful for literally EVERYONE. The current event seems pretty awful.
  4. I find it disheartening that people would actually defend this RNGfest. The former event was good - it rewarded you for playing, some would get vastly superior rewards than others based on luck, but nobody left empty-handed. This event, on the other hand, won't just leave unlucky people empty-handed, it'll even leave them poorer than they were, because upgrading (breaking) weapons costs gold. So, unless you pay cash, you can work your ass off running dungeons and lose money as a reward. More punishing RNG is just what this game needed, right?
  5. I'm expecting the same thing, but hoping that it won't be the case. At least for the duration of the currently on-going event, daily challenges should remain unchanged.
  6. Normally maintenance times don't bother me much, but scheduling an 8 hour maintenance in a way that it covers the whole day for Europeans really shows how much the EU part of the community means to NC.
  7. This is insane, if it's true. If it's not a paid service but just something support may or may not do for you if you ask, it should be available to everyone or nobody.
  8. Isn't just you. I got stuck in a portal earlier so I had to quit the game, and now I can't reconnect to it. EDIT: Seems to be working again, now.
  9. I have also experienced severe ping spikes since yesterday, on Greenhollow. I used to have a pretty constant ping between 90 and 110, until yesterday, where it often spikes up to 150 or even 200 today. It feels worse than it sounds - I had gotten used to a constant 250 ping on NA servers, but the lag spikes suck all the fun out of the game for me.
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