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  1. Once the camera switched to that "free mode" (it's how I call it) you can also zoom out again and still retain the free movement without character turning. As someone who plays in Blade and Soul mode I find this very adequate for screenshots or otherwise looking around when not moving my character. Of course, if you want to look around and take screen shots while moving, classic mode is most likely much more convenient.
  2. You can also in Blade and Soul mode just slowly zoom in to your character while you're standing still. Once the camera gets close enough, it pans to a front view of your character. And now you can move the camera without turning your character until you move your character again with the movement keys.
  3. My little force master got the Stinger outfit due to some help. She's happy although she still needs to get used to it. And now the unavoidable shot from behind :P
  4. The name sorta gives it away, unless I am totally off track here. I bet he can throw things very accurately. I wonder what the lucky item for today is. The face works well, I think :)
  5. I decided to jump on the train with this outfit as well. I like how it shows off my legs :)
  6. She has a killer body. nicely done :o
  7. Sneaking around some fake gold..
  8. I avoided the boob window outfit, but then got it as quest reward Just after beating up some village guards for a new dress
  9. Attempting a youthful, somewhat natural Gon look:
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