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  1. Premium Membership Issue

    Most likly it's just techical problem and they will fix it.
  2. Ani-cancel question

    you hit faster with spaming .. and don't use the same anicancel as you do for normal LMB RMB it's way tooo slow just put em on 2 keys and bangem like your life depends on it. In pvp it's a little diferent story
  3. Galeforce vs Mighty cleave

    1 word : ANICANCEL.
  4. It's time to QUIT

    well if there where no bots soulstones would cost double of theyr current price same as moonwater transformation stones ....
  5. BSH 4-6 man personal experience.

    1 book (warlock) 2 noble of the sea 15 runs won book for 75g sold for 150g NOT WORTH IT!!!
  6. 40+crit 370+dmg and alive will be easy 4m.
  7. Possible Add-ons for the game?

    No just no this is action mmorpg it doesn't need such functions , mb dps meter FOR SOME FLAME !!!
  8. Two Classes Behind...great.

    oh yea let's just release the last expansion it will be GREAT.............. NOPE it won't becous all other content will be just useless and ppl lie you will still whine that they need more. So if you don't like what they have here go play on Korea.
  9. [Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

    yea let's nerf him so he can die from heart attack.
  10. HP of Junghado. Intended or bugged?

    For the love of ..... i have 2.30 till he enrages and he's dead. HP is totaly fine
  11. about wheel of misfortune scam

    In Korean version there are gems but EU/NA removed them for the kicks. (and to save jewelcrafting)
  12. 3 runs , 2 infinite chalange costumes , thoth i can't get any from twins =(
  13. Upgrading Weapon vs Accessories

    siren proc is much better then true profane and wep all the way pirate will gove tooo much dmg boost.