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  1. So what happened to the 30 day's premium from the in game store? I'm not paying for a monthly sub for this game since I do pay for a sub in another game. I just like wasting time on here when the other games servers are light. was enjoying the one time premium I had wanted to use the last of the NCoin I had to get another, log in, boom no where to be seen. Dev's can I get a response or some direction to where on the website I can spend the coin to get the 1 time 30 day.
  2. Blade & Soul is dying

    More than likely nothing. I made a post asking the same thing last night, a admin kindly locked the thread, and directed me to another thread that people were talking about the same subject in. The majority of the posts I read is that the company does not at this time see bots as a issue, Unfortunately they are, they'll figure that out when the players start a mass exodus,(I believe one started with the release of BDO)or when they get I largely negative review from some of the bigger gaming review magazines/Blogs. I honestly feel your pain buddy, I've been getting supremely frustrated in PVP due to all the bots. I've actually stopped PVPing on any melee class since it's harder due to the S2W with no CD's. Just roll a FM/Summoner/WL and take them from range.
  3. When are you going to start taking care of thses bots/hackers both in PVE and in PVP? This is seriously becoming the most annoying thing in the world when you can't get a legitimate Arena match, can't get a real Pug dungeon party, and you see a stack of 30+bots in front of a world dungeon entrance. For crying out loud money has been put into this game by the players so please when the heck are you going to start taking care of this issue?
  4. Assassin combo training?

    Thank you for the info
  5. Assassin combo training?

    Just started a assassin the other day enjoying the fact it's a 2-3 hit killer in PVE my big thing though (been searching forums and BNS tree for skill builds in infinite stealth) is there a way to go stealth before the combat even begins? I've seen some do it when I'm on my FM they just poof. I've looked in the tree (I may of missed it hence why I'm asking) so is there a skill we build into to go right into stealth without having to use 1 or decoy? Is it smoke smoke screen?
  6. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    SWTOR does the same thing for those whoa re F2P, they also restrict chat usage, and do not allow them to trade with people unless they become preffered; and the only way(s) to do that are 1. Spend money to get cartel coins. 2. Use some ones friend code to get the preffered bundle. Option 1 is used by many more since not everyone shares their friend code. Of course that's a example of P2P doing it. I've read several for and against posts so i figure I'll send in my .02 and see if maybe we can chill the hate and anger. I've noticed (We've ALL noticed) the game isn't complete on the NA servers. Issue being recently released. I will say this is short sighted on Devs part story and end game wise, but I figure they did this so those new to the game wouldn't be overwhelmed. so I think some pro's and cons are in order. PROS NOT P2W!!- other then Prem which hands more EXP and cash rewards and cash drop NCoin store really only useful for RNG items and outfits or the occasional dragon soup (does it have hotsauce.....mmmm franks red hot I put that *Cricket* on everything) Based on skill, knowledge of class, practice. Not who has the most epic gear. Distinct lack of elitism from 85-90% of the server community (I'm on Yunwa can only speak for that server) Easy to pick up. Slightly addictive. (Personaly I do sub For SWTOR but since starting this game I've played it more than SWTOR) Cross server dungeons and PVP.- to my knowledge (please correct if i'm wrong) only WoW does that sort of thing. Makes it easier to group for dungeons, insta PVP pops...and in my personal case since they are so fast....helps cut back on cigarettes HA joke I smoke like a chimney Open world PVP that you chose if you want to participate in or not CONS Bugged mail system- have to pay to access even then doesn't work though prem can use vault keeper mail CS copy paste happy (SWTOR does the same thing so did Cabal and MTGO) Bots, spammers- This happens in EVERY F2P game it's even happening in SWTOR now CAN NOT DELETE MAIL WITHOUT DELIVERING ITEMS. I DO have a secondary account I logged onto it there was over 30 mail messages each from a spammer each containing 1 copper...it would cost 9 copper per mail to receive that 1 copper, no delete button so it sits. I was going to put down log in Queues but I haven't seen one of them in months. Please if anyone can think of more pros and cons feel free to add in, but the way i see it right now other than the bugged mail system this is a solid game. I really like that it's not P2W like Cabal and Cabal 2 are. Like the fact that all game play content is open to everyone NCoin or not (SWTOR has restrictions so do several others) and lets be honest this game is enjoyable even if the end game is lacking right now. We will get it soon so be patient padawan.
  7. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    Not exactly Tomoyo. For F2P yes most are RNG dependent, however there ARE some games that within the last 1-2 years have gone F2P and ARE NOT RNG dependent for weapons, gear. Instead the make you upgrade by enhancing through different means. Take SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) your "Gear, Maing hand, Off hand" are orange/purple modable shells, You go through your story (and some side) and in the rewards you get Common data crystals. collect so many (45-50) then go to your fleet, head to supplies, find your level merchant and then buy the mods with the crystals. or you can run Flashpoints the bosses drop a piece of gear specificaly for each player in the FP. As well the daily FP quests give crystals. Really for that game the only RNG comes in the form of damage mitigation, Crit, and if you purchase CM packs.
  8. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    it's like that for all upgrades. I've been spamming Darkglimpse for two days now and still haven't gotten a blade for Blademaster yet I've got a ton of the weapons for the other classes as well as the Razor. The only solution (for those who feel that they don't wish to spend RL money on a F2P game) is to purchase the Blue weapons needed from AH (purples ya can't sell) being honest if you look at your servers prices you'll see most if not all are about 50-90 silver. So after a 2 day grind fest (if you're extremely unlucky like me) sell what ya got on the AH and buy what ya need save what money is left over. And yes the RNG in this game is incredibly retarded but then again it IS a F2P game they had to put somethings in that we'd find stupid just so they could add the overwhelming solution to their in game store. It's called business.