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  1. upgrading weapon system is such a pain

    Also im not lazy. I can play for hours to get the thing that i need. But what can i do when i have no keys/charm to open them? what else can i do? For all of u say that i want to take easy way out sorry but im not. For a system that based so much on luck like this and u only have such limited amount of resources it non-sense. Im willing to pay for the game but not going to pay to get stronger. I will pay for cosmetic or thing that make my play through easier. But im not gonna pay for thing that is supposed to be the feature in game for everyone. The feature that the player needed to actually progress through the game. For what im seeing right now im not sure i want to pay anymore
  2. upgrading weapon system is such a pain

    It is hard to upgrade if u have bad luck, like me. I will not complain if they make me grind to get more and open more. But with the limited amount of keys and charm u get, once u ran out of them and u still cant get the weapon u need to upgrade/ break through u doom. Cant do anything until u get more keys/ charm. But when u cant even progress because your dmg is just way too low to kill any mobs then how can u get anymore keys? This is why this system is stupid
  3. I have grew so tired of the stupid system. U need a weapon as a material to upgrade/ break through your hongmoon weapon. But the way to get it is so Bull Sh*t. It base on luck/ chance. It the way of the game to say Go F yourself if u unlucky. With such low dmg it so much harder to progress through the game. As well as the limited amount of key u can have. Please developer, please make the weapon drop chance have much higher rate for it job. Or just make it that that class can only get the weapon for that class. I hate thing that take chances or luck, it like gamble and i hate it. i love this game but the system for it is what making me wanna quit