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  1. As I said, only when you switch from the epic (purple) to legendary. Your slots stay (can only increase) while on legendary.
  2. most people don't join 800 AP parties. To chaotic.
  3. I have raven 6, PvP bagua and both BT accessories. I didn't get nowhere near gold this season, simply because the enemies will have higher geared parties aswell, or I sometimes have nearly full parties with 800 AP people. And also there are lots and lots of people who don't do more than the weekly quest, so I can guarantee you, removing deranking possibilities will change close to nothing. Nearly none of those high geared players you see in bronze / silver have deranked. Actually I don't even know anyone who deranks on purpose, they rather want to keep their rating for the rewards.
  4. Where to you think 3 slots get removed? What are you even talking about? When upgrading from the epic to the legendary weapon, you get randomly 3-6 slots. And with every further legendary upgrade (including dawnforged, riftwalk, raven and the future aransu weapon) there is a chance to unlock more, making you not even need the legendary gem hammers. At least for the full path exististing right now, they NEVER reset the slots.
  5. Wrong. NCsoft is working to get us on the same status as KR / CN are. We are only a few months away by now. E.g. Gunner was released a bit less than 3 months ago, while we will get it in 2 weeks. There is a chance to get lvl 55 with gunner itself, although I personally think that will be released in the next content patch. Generally, the plan is to be more or less on the same level (in terms of patches) than KR at the end of this year.
  6. With "AFK", I included stuff like running around a bit and dying without really fighting. You can't force players to play. That' wont solve anything (and what would remove deranking solve anyway? There's full of high geared players in bronze / silver without deranking)
  7. The prices are mostly more or less the same. In terms of updates etc, NA/EU are the same anyways. You'll just have a better ping in EU.
  8. To be fair, flower and skin prices are extremely dropping because of the event.
  9. Leyren

    Act 7

    I stopped reading after a few lines, than scrolled in shock about how much you wrote. But seriously, Bunyang and his sister were brats from the beginning, so why should they now behave otherwise? And why should the story lead to not caring about Jinsoyun? That doesn't even make the slightest sense. Also, Zulia is some Joker-like villain which went totally nuts about the loss of her father (which made her use the name Zulia instead of Sanzu in first place).
  10. Of course, but as I stated it was to prevent those "BnS is dying" comments. Because if it is about a game being closed or not, finances are the only relevant factor. The population is still very high (and in fact way more than in lots & lots of other MMOs). The merges were absolutely obvious to happen too, BnS was overly hyped in the west. @Zhoosh Ha, I didn't even notice. When he left in 2015 that would've meant that he left in CBT.
  11. Probably not. This is a style which nowadays doesn't get that much attention. You'd have a pretty small player base, which is very problematic for 6v6, random dungeons, or 24m raids (which basically make up the complete endgame).
  12. A player base always is constantly decreasing. As for spanish players - there are no spanish servers, so you'd need to look for spanish clans on EU servers. Just in case someone will again start to whine about "BnS is dying hurr durr":
  13. Of course there is nothing wrong on that, but seriously, gearing alts is already very cheap (you get mats more easily and you need way less then it was before), and there are way more valid reasons to criticise (like the silverfrost trans stones) instead of 10 flowers, which cost basically nothing and are only needed for a single upgrade (I mean, they cost roughly as much as one single silverfrost stone.) The droprate is so enormously increased that you can easily grind them (e.g. today, when asura is in daily challenge). I don't see why this item would need even more accessability.
  14. Stop talking for the community. "We" don't want anything, you want. Don't overrate yourself. As already said, when SF and WL were released, we got a free characlter slot, so it probably will be the same this time. And as others also already said, other servers even got a lvl 50 voucher with Gunner. So how about, I don't know.. wait for the announcement?
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