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  1. Real Email or Scam?

    So i just got this email.. which looks very official.. but it was placed on my spam folder.. and not on my inbox like the normal NCsoft Blade and soul mails sent before.. the mail says like this.. Dear "my email addres", Blade & Soul,version update. We'll select 10,000 places game players send rewards (including 30 Days (VIP) Members and Flawless Sparkling Hexagonal). Please click on the link below to confirm that you are using There will be a message sent to your game please check in 24 hours. Sincerely, The NCSOFT Team Anybody else got an email like this?? or is this just scam attempts?
  2. Game Class Suggestion?

    I was trying to find a place to post suggestions and such but couldn't find any in this forum.. so im just gonna make it here Im surprised that in a game like this with so much China/Jap culture influence.. there isnt a class that uses a Rope-dart type of weapon.. like the one used in the Ninja-assasin movie.. just a chain with a blade on one end.. I havnt found any game with such weapon, but It would be so cool looking with special animations and all I would picture it as a mid-range class maybe, with a few long range skills due to the chain with also some melee abilities, some CC/snare.. like the warlock i guess.. and could use the chain to block or something like that as well.. I guess you could say the warlock uses chains and all.. but its not quite what i have in mind, since the warlock throw cards at you to attack.. and the chains are more of a secondary thing
  3. So, im not sure if other people have noticed or are concerned about this.. but today as i was about to buy another month of premium from the NCshop, i clicked on the details and it says there that the "item" to get premium ingame is going to be removed on march 14th... So from now on the ONLY way to get premium is going to be using the damn subscription method??? wtf man.. is this some kind of joke or something??
  4. 4th Gem slot?

    Ive heard around that you get your 4th gem slot open automatically when your weapon reaches to Pirate, not sure if awakened Pirate or True Pirate.. but.. is this true?? has anybody ever gotten to those weapon lvls and got their 4th gem slot open automatically? i mean it happens from lowbie weapon when you only have 2 gem slots and u get the 3rd slot open on its own.. so im guessing it is possible that you get the 4th slot open later on as well.. but im not 100% certain!! or is the one and only way to get that slot with Gem hammers?
  5. Have you confirmed that 4th slot free on pirate weapon yet??
  6. Prices Moonwater Transformation Stones

    On NA marketplace each stone cost to make is around 5g atm.. but the mats prices fluctuates so much that u can get cheaper some times.. Even with Quartz price on the roof (90s atm, 2 weeks ago they were like 30s lol)
  7. Lol.. if u guys think this is a "new" thing..u are sooooo naive.. This just made the exchange "official" but before this.. tons.. TONS of people sold NCoin for gold.. Its the same thing but just making it safer, while charging u a fee.. and u cant get VIP with this coins which is kinda lame.. Also.. P2W? dont make me laugh.. lol Open world PVP is about zerging.. and arena pvp is unrelated to your gear stats.. this is hardly a P2W game.. rofl
  8. Dragonstones|

    Do they work? and where is the transmuation option to use them?
  9. The truth behind the Summoner hate

    So far the game is all about 2v1ing.. spin to winning.. or animation hacking!!! gg
  10. i think the more time passes by. the more bots get ban.. the more gold gets remoed from the game.. the less gold to go around in the game.. the higher it will get.. lol
  11. Well it was fun for a month

    only 100g? i make that in a day ez.. lel
  12. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    If people gets to cap lvl and get all the gear easily... they complain about having nothing to do... IF people gets to cap lvl and have to farm dailies for hard worked gear.. They complain that there is too much to do.. wtf people? All ive seen from youtube reviews and such is that BDO is only eye candy... in everything else the game is shit..
  13. Marketplace

    is the marketplace cross server wide??? or each server has its own?? cuz i play in a pretty low population server, but stuff sells and restock like if we had thousands of people crafting and selling rofl
  14. Account "sharing"

    Ty for the help, we'll try that