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  1. RP folk out there?

    Depend what RP you have in mind :)
  2. Unlock quest is on celestial basin.
  3. BG is P2W content, in addition horrible partymatching and you have constantly matches 1800 to 0. It is so frustrating and people stopped playing BG.
  4. [Jinsoyun] Login Issues

    Same here. EU too.
  5. Where do you see this information?
  6. Still don't see in patch notes into what changes all expiring items.
  7. Why nerf Gunners?

    Yesterday on Nova BG I was dead below 1s. 6k def, 4k critdef, 190k HP and I couldn't use 1 skill before I was dead. Yes, gunners don't need nerf, they need more dps and must kill in 0.1s.
  8. Can someone please be my friend?

    Maybe join some clan.
  9. How do you level up from 50 ?

    You unlock lvl 50+ after completing act8 chapter1
  10. If is that true why I got gold player on arena if I had 1400pkt? Why on tag 3 bronze players got 3 silver oponents?
  11. Put exit button in 6 vs 6

    CTRL+ALT+DELETE --> Task manager --> close Blade & Soul
  12. Unable to write/send mail!!

    Can't write mail from newest patch too, button is grey/inactive. I have premium.
  13. Czy po merge można będzie się zgłosić do was?
  14. Starfall Crater is Crimson