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  1. 313 keys and no 3-stars. I feel little disappointed.
  2. Not only spiders but all zones on Moon Refuge
  3. 2 - no 3 - they are tradable but only counts to event if someone sold you personally (or gift) 4 - I think no.
  4. I have solution for this. You can promise that we can buy letters for halloween tokens in the future. So don't tell me now it is impossible, all you need is good will.
  5. Depend what RP you have in mind :)
  6. BG is P2W content, in addition horrible partymatching and you have constantly matches 1800 to 0. It is so frustrating and people stopped playing BG.
  7. Still don't see in patch notes into what changes all expiring items.
  8. Yesterday on Nova BG I was dead below 1s. 6k def, 4k critdef, 190k HP and I couldn't use 1 skill before I was dead. Yes, gunners don't need nerf, they need more dps and must kill in 0.1s.
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