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  1. I fear you're right, however when I referred to faction balance, the source data that determines what makes the system consider them to be "equal" is what could be worked on. Granted I don't know how it works currently so troubleshooting is somewhat problematic from my perspective
  2. I play on the under populated faction in group 2. Whilst I feel locked out of certain content for progression terms I am happy that NCsoft allowed the attainment of materials from other source locations. However the problem is greater than just SSP or OPvP as entire factions become unpopulated they are impossible to recruit from. With no new recruits joining and veteran players getting tired or switching it is becoming increasingly problematic to try and recruit new players to our clan. One thing however I feel must change is how faction balance is determined. I often attempt to recruit from the other faction selling the idea of our clan to them, but the number one deterrent is the punishment for switching and losing faction rank. With an already uphill struggle to farm it back it acts as a major disincentive to move. I can tolerate longer character development, I can tolerate being locked out of content but being prevented from being able to recruit any players without them sacrificing so much to join just feels absolutely flawed.