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  1. Ignore this thread.

    The whole operation seems incredibly well designed and managed. I dropped off my application and was quite impressed with the website's quality and the friendliness of the guys in the chat room. I recommend everyone apply, seems great.
  2. Deflect Bug?

    This all seems to boil down, yet again, to the skill descriptions being so awful and not accurately describing what the skill actually does in practice. I have heard that they are fixing this but it is all beginning to seem pointless as hordes of players continue to leave each day thanks to a multitude of additional issues plaguing the game like server instability and no content. I really, really want to stay with this game as it has such amazing potential but this is just another problem added to the ever-growing list of motivators for me to quit.
  3. FM unplayable in arena

    Seriously, I think they should be banned for that. Who do they think they are? Providing concrete, incontrovertible evidence that their class is not weak at all and disproving whiny forum-goers is just plain wrong.
  4. XxBladeDancerxX

    Rofl. Also mostly applicable to Destroyers.
  5. FM unplayable in arena

    Wrong. Blade Master is the weakest class overall at the moment. You need to learn to play your class. It is factually not an issue with Force Master, it's 100% you. Practice, L2P, get gud, etc.
  6. Server Down?

    Just... Good god NCSoft. What is wrong? What is happening? Why is this something that happens multiple times a day, multiple days out of the week, every week? Simply unacceptable. Surely you don't have to wonder why hordes and droves of players have quit cold turkey. Get it together for god's sake.
  7. Server Down?

    Absolutely unacceptable. How does this keep happening multiple times per week? It's astounding.
  8. Servers just get pooped on?

    Died, couldn't restore Chi, quit game, can't launch game now. NCSoft... just.... come on. Please?
  9. Maintenance?

    What makes you <3 my face? Just the general beauty of it? Or a more mysterious unfathomable connection drawing you to its inner luster?
  10. Maintenance?

    Small world. At least this time you're not calling me out for making an inappropriate joke. ;p
  11. Maintenance?

    Who dat? Zanz?
  12. Maintenance?

    Well no, it's not the end of the game lol. And I'm not saying I'm quitting. Personally, I freakin' love this game and can see myself playing it for years. I'm just saying that the people that don't enjoy it as much are more apt to get discouraged and quit by this kind of thing happening. It has happened nearly every day so far since launch.
  13. Maintenance?

    Still no word on what the hell is going on... Come on NCSoft. You are just driving players away in hordes.
  14. Maintenance?

    I have been powerleveling like hell the last several hours. If the login screen display of my level is accurate (says 42 but I'm 44) I will be FURIOUS. Please get it together NCSoft. Such a great game marred by these horrible server issues.
  15. Maintenance?

    Bump. Disconnected. Tried to login. "Server is down for maintenance. Try again later." No news of maintenance on twitter or anything. From Jiwan.