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  1. Sprache im Spiel

    Hallo liebe deutsche Community, ich bin seit einiger Zeit wieder auf der Suche nach einem MMORPG. Da ich B&S ziemlich cool fand und auch schon vor längerer Zeit (ungefähr als der Soul Fighter raus kam) gezockt hatte, dachte ich mir versuchst es wieder. Aktuell stehe ich aber vor der Frage, sollte ich das Spiel auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch stellen? Was wäre denn aus eurer Sicht geschickter? Damals hatte ich es auf englisch gespielt, sprachlich ist das also kein Problem. Mir geht's eher um das Miteinander auf dem Server und ob ein englischer Client evtl. zu Irritationen in der Kommunikation mit anderen Spielern führen könnte. Grüße, DK

    i have a ryzen 7 1700x, 16 gb ram (3200 mhz dual channel) 2 ssds (240 gb + 1 tb) and a gtx 1060. game runs smooth on 64 bit with everything maxed out at full hd (1920x1080). sometimes it's stuttering as it's loading new things in (obviously an engine thing). i find it hard to believe that you work in the games industry, yet have such a "bad" computer. still running win 7 (no dx12?) and 12 gb of ram? that's a odd number as i don't know of any 6 gb ram sticks (2x6gb for dual channel) or any 3 gb ram sticks (4x3 gb for quad channel if even possible with your mainboard/cpu). 1. check your drivers. 2. what's running in the background? 3. any hw issues? 4. overlays, (steam, shadowplay, twitch, whatever) might interfere with your game.
  3. BnS ohne Launcher direkt starten?

    Das habe ich soweit schon drin bei Steam, dachte nur es gäbe eine Möglichkeit den Login zu automatisieren und den Launcher damit zu skippen.
  4. Hi there, is it somehow possible to play BnS without having to login and start the launcher? Start BnS directly somehow? Im using Steam inHome Streaming a lot and the launcher causes issues.
  5. Hi ihr, gibt es eigentlich eine Möglichkeit, BnS direkt zu starten ohne den Weg über den Launcher und vorheriges anmelden? Ich spiele des öfteren über Steam inHome Streaming und der Launcher macht hier des öfteren Probleme.
  6. Soul Fighter Character Slot Voucher

    so i just gotta wait a few more hours for the patch to get it in the hongmoon store?
  7. that's what they said about heartbleed too...
  8. Banned and CS refusal to help?

    1500 USD on costumes and cosmetics in a game. don't really want to know what you do for a living. other than that, i hope you can sort out that issue together with ncsoft. the other option would be asking your bank for a refund and/or involving a lawyer.
  9. so you bought a game for real, earned money and you haven't been able to "consume" what you bought and still kept patient about it? if all customers were like you, we'd never get things fixed although our money was taken in an instant...
  10. "Infernal Sword" anywhere??

    you got 2 options - bad luck and keep going - buy key with $$$
  11. PC Upgrade Help Please

    this game's a darn old engine under it's hood. it's not really good looking nor is it in any way well optimized. your rig is pretty good but without lowering graphics / disabling stuff i got bad news for you. what do you prefer? smooth gameplay or pretty slide-shows?
  12. you are overexaggerating. during my journey from 1 to 45 on my BM i haven't really noticed any bots on [DE] Bambusdorf. Yes, they spam the chat and yes it makes faction/region etc unusable. Other then that, i made my own chat with channels i want to pay attention to and never had any issues with bots. Questing in this game is dull and boring, no matter how many bots there are due to the fact that quests are designed really dull. right now im playing a KFM up to 45 (35 right now) and i have yet to encounter a bot ingame that is really destroying my fun (chat spam does not count as i just ignore that). if you want NCSoft to change something. STOP SHOVING THEM MONEY UP THEIR ASSES and do not buy premium or any other content until they have resolved the bot issues/glitches in dungeons. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET, sadly that's the only thing companies understand.
  13. and what's with people not having android/ios phones? just ordinary phones, windows phones or no smartphones at all? what if the app gives you trouble due to firmwareupdates etc? i once had the issue of binding my guild wars 2 account to such an authenticator (google authenticator on galaxy s3). i received a firmware update, authenticator had no accounts saved anymore and to re-bind it to my guild wars 2 account i had to log in into my gw2 acc, WITH AUTHENTICATOR CODE i could not get due to it loosing accounts through firmware updates. was a big hassle to prove that it still was my account. that's just one issue, there are many others. obligatory authenticators suck just like authenticators in general suck. get a good, unique password if you want your account to be protected. bot users would just spoof it anyway. there are other far better methods to deal with bots, sadly NCSoft does not care.
  14. Unsealing Charm

    i never understood why these charms have to be 10+s on merchants. same with repair tools. that's low level consumable stuff everyone needs. they should have rather split identifying stuff into tiers so i'd need one purple charm for 1 purple equip item etc.. did anyone calculate the fees on the charms? is it profitable to buy on npc and sell on ah?