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  1. I know your implementing DPS meters in other versions of the game but pls do not bring them over here. We already have enough elitists in this game, and now we have to worry about how much dps being required to join a good group? no no no. Sorry but i dont like that idea. Having come from WoW where all people ever look at is dps meters, i can tell you its a really really bad idea and all it does is breed a hostile environment where people with low dps are removed from a group. No ty

  2. 1 minute ago, ChanChan said:

    The funny part is these elitists are just as much trash as they claim everyone else to be. I joined a Naryu Lab, where all of them where 50hm5, except me at 47hm1, they were all "you're not geared for this." 4 mins later whole party dead, me last man standing. They all quit the party.

    LMAO! Dont you love when that happens? **** yeah we casuals are players too maybe we dont play this game as much as say a hardcore player but that doesnt mean we're dumb. Heck I know almost all the strats for the new dungeons. But hey its whatever. NCSoft will hopefully do something soon.


  3. 5 minutes ago, SasakiKojiro said:

    It really is a joke. I was just doing one of the heroic dungeons for dailies and our party got wiped. Then this Forcemaster started bitching about how us getting wiped was my fault for not killing the boss fast enough. Seriously? I have 437 AP and I only play BNS 1-3 hours a day. I do not have time to sit on my ass all day grinding for gold and gearing up to the absolute max. He also started saying how I'm trash at my class. I'm at 2234 rating in 1v1 (#39). He said it meant nothing. So many arrogant people,

    Exacly the kind of people im talking about. Like today I was applying to groups even though I know i didnt meet the requirements and i told them look my AP is low but i do know the mechanics of the fight cause i studied it on youtube and the guy said gtfo with your low AP you stupid noob. I was like wooooow. I just left the party.

  4. So you're all siding with the elitists then? Not all of us play this game 24/7. And me and my guildies are all casual players tryign to get geared up in this new patch. But it really sucks when the community in this game is very hostile towards "noobs" as one party said. idk man this elitism thing has got to go and NCSoft has to step up to the plate and make dungeons for us casuals too you know. Basically what im saying is I want me and my guildies to be able to enjoy the same stuff supposed hardcore players do.

  5. So today me and my guild mates were trying to do some of the end game dungeons and we saw a lot of people advertising there groups but the requirements were so hillarious that we thought maybe it was some kind of a joke. I mean 470+ attack power required ? Me and my guildies right now are barely at 400 attack power so we cant join these groups and when we queue up the regular way its just a wipe fest. Ive seriously been trying to do the Yeti dungeon all day long and havent downed him once. NCSoft can you help us out or what will you do?

  6. 3 minutes ago, Elvenmad said:

    NC did say the Achievement vendor would be in the game, but they didnt say when and no clues to items costs too, Usual thing with NCwest no one really knows anything specific until it is actually in the game, so yeah who knows, personally with only 2 days for patch I would wait, you may regret buying it now

    Agreed. I'll save my gold for now and see what happens.

  7. Thanks to bots, on my server moonwater transformation stones have now fallen to under 4g a piece and soulstones are now at 10s a piece. Because of this i've been able to upgrade almost all of my accessories and weapon. In a few more weeks i'll be full pirate if anything which is awesome for someone who doesnt play this game that much and doesnt have a lot of gold to spare. If bots were not in blade and soul the economy would be inflated and so would prices which means 90% of us would still be sitting with inferno weapon and accessories. That is NOT good for anyone and that is NOT fun for anyone my friend. So please, my friend, think about it before you post that bots are bad. They are NOT bad for the game and they don't do no harm to no one, my friend. So let it be. They do not bother you and they do not bother the game. Thank you. :)

  8. Yeah I know this game has some problems but as of right now this is one of  the better mmos in the market. So instead of coming on here and just bashing the game non stop why not talk about the good stuff like the awesome outfits, awesome customisation etc etc? Lets not all be negative all the time even world of warcraft has a lot of issues and that game has been around forever. So think about it and lets all be nice for a change no? Thank you.

  9. 9 hours ago, LiriC said:


    read my reply .. and also . what lvl are you ?   if you are not lvl 45. this might be the reason you asked this question.. or either you just spend 1h in the game..and just don't feel the bots like other people do.

    I am level 45 and no i dont play this game 24/7 i have a family and bills i gotta worry about m8. So no i don't.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Bhindu said:

    The salt...


    Anyway. They destroy the games economy and put a huge strain on the servers, just to name two major problems alone. Having AI Players in a videogame is just bad, bad, badbadbad.

    I dont think its that bad and if it is then just stop buying their gold and they should go away. I dont think the problem is as complicated as you guys are making it seem. The solution is simple. If people do NOT buy their product, they will soon run out of money.