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  1. Sup everyone today was doing my pvp dailies and I noticed that my matches were way easier than normal. Went up against 3 straight destroyers all played the exact same way. My question is are these bots and if so does that mean they actually beat players to into gold? Or are these bots just wintrading with each other?
  2. Uninstalling, free items.

    How did you get so much gold?
  3. Just wanted to report that bots are starting to take over end game pvp zones. You can't miss them. They always run in single file, they are always 3-5 destroyers in a group, they do the exact same motions. They have the exact same gear. They have the exact same gems.
  4. I honestly got a feeling that NCsoft and bots are in cahoots. I don't know. I've never seen an MMO so infested with bots it's actually nuts. Even in World of Warcraft i wasnt this bad.
  5. Man this is just sad. I was wondering why my arena matches were extremely easy today. I fought like 3 destroyers in a row and actually got my daily pvp quests done faster and easier than before. This explains a lot. Man NCsoft this game is going down hill quickly.
  6. 100% agree with this. I quickly noticed this when I took the student pack or whatever its called and saw just how awful the benefits were. I was like ok? lol Yeah its pretty awful.
  7. Easy Solution to Stopping this Ridiculous Bots

    You know that bots are also doing the same s.hit in end game areas. Just the other day I saw what I like to call a BOT train doing pvp dailies lol. It was a group of 3 destroyers all single file doing the dailies. I actually watched them for a good 10+ minutes as they made their circuit. Surprised they didnt get jumped by crimsons.
  8. Ok so I don't know if it's just me but I find the end game rewards laughably bad. Let me give you an example. I've been farming Mushin's tower 7F for the past week. Each time I kill the boss 99% of the time I get a shitty health potion, an epic weapon that I cant use or cant trade, a blue quality weapon that I cant use and is worthless in the auction house, a key or a soul shield. So I though ok maybe its just this boss so I tried doing other "end game" content like 6 man and 4 man E. Fleet Supply chain. Same exact s.hit happens. I get an "epic" quality "reward" box when i open you guessed it. I get some shitty hp potion, an epic weapon i cant trade or cant use. some blue quality worthless soul shield or some other worthelss s.hit that doesnt help me progress in this game whatsoever. In the thousands of reward boxes i've opened I think i've only ever gotten one thing that i actually helped me and that was a moonwater pick axe lol. I'll put this another way. The rewards in this game are like you having a hard workout at the gym and when it's done someone comes over and kicks you in the nuts. Yup that sums it up perfectly. That's how it feels.
  9. The end game rewards in this game are a joke lol

    I thought I was the only one. Yeah man like the rewards we get during questing are the same s.hit we get at end game. 99% of the time we get a shitty hp potion i have like some thousand hp potions in my inventor by the way, a key, an epic quality weapon that i cant use or cant even sell on the market place. A blue quality soul shield lol? AT least give us something useful like some gold, some soulstones or something NCSoft geez dont be so greedy with your rewards cause if these are the reward we are getting at end game it makes me ask myself why in the FUK do i wanna do this content whatsoever lol?
  10. I've been playing blade and soul since launch and have zero lag issues. Instead of posting nonsense on the forums why not call your ISP? I think it might be an EU thing only. Here in NA I am getting almost a 10 ms ping at all times. I havent tested it in arena or pvp but im sure its the same. Just call your ISP or get an better internet provider?
  11. I think WoW's sytem is more balanced.

    You must not have played world of warcraft back in the day. Hunter pets could 100% to zero you in a stun. No joke.
  13. World of Warcraft vs BnS Arena?

    didnt realize there were so many world of warcraft haters in this game. SMH. oh well.
  14. World of Warcraft vs BnS Arena?

    nah your just bad.
  15. World of Warcraft vs BnS Arena?

    100% agree with you there.
  16. World of Warcraft vs BnS Arena?

    Not a troll. Just a fact. Anyway thanks for your input. But no thanks.
  17. I did some arena matches today just to see what its like and I faced a lot of destroyers mostly in bronze league. These guys literally spam bladestorm or whatever that move is called over and over again and there is really nothing I can do about it. I can't snare them or freeze them on my level 22 force master because they just spam that shitt over and over again. The other thing that's a little broken with them are their stuns. How many stuns does that class have and why hasn't it been nerfed yet. There are time where I can't even play my character cause i'm constantly stunned. And it's rediculous cause if I get stunned at the wrong time and they are bladestorming / spinning on me it absolutely owns me.