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  1. Why i'm fine with bots in pvp.

    Well it's also fun to make gold isn't it? :)
  2. biggest fail i ever seen

    I know right! Bot Train choo choo!
  3. Botters in PVP

    holy crap lol!! Never seen those kind of bots before.
  4. If you think about it, NCSoft has done everything they can to combat the bot problem, but the real reason why gold bots continue to come back is not because NCSoft is messing up it's because people in NA are BUYING GOLD! *GASP!*. Think about it, if everyone in NA would just stop buying gold from these gold farmers we wouldn't have a bot problem. They would realize there is no money to be made in BnS and would move onto another game. But because players in NA continue to purchase gold from these people they continue to plague the servers and hog up resources. So don't blame NCSoft for the bots, blame the people in NA who are buying gold from them. Thank you.
  5. For those players that have played blade and soul for a while now should I continue stacking crit? I'm honestly puzzled as to what piercing is good for. Will it help me in Mushin's Tower, Labyrinth etc? Or just go all out crit?
  6. Oh that sucks. Do you know when 50 patch will come to NA?
  7. Why NA is the reason for the bot problem

    stop buying gold then?
  8. I have everything I need to upgrade my staff to True Siren Phase 1 but the stupid Siren staff refuses to drop. I was told it has a chance to drop in 6 man Black Ram Supply chain but haven't seen a siren weapon drop once in 4 days lol. Is it just bad RNG or what's up. Also I'm talking about the Siren Staff not the Storm Siren Staff.
  9. My siren staff refuses to drop.

    Do the emblems drop from the dungeon or the raid?
  10. I noticed when i'm fighting Mushin I get a buff/debuff called Mushin's Might? What is this and does it help me or hurt me?
  11. I'm trying to stack my crit as high as possible. So far i'm at 55% crit rate. Can I go higher and are there DRs or is it even worth it?
  12. So lately i've been doing arena quests on my alts and I make sure not to go above 1700+ cause I wanna queue into arena bots for easy beans / gold. My question is would this be considerd an explot and can I get banned? :O
  13. Make your own teams and queue?
  14. I'm at 1900+ and still facing bots in fact the bots in the 1900s are more "advanced" so to speak than the shit bots you face at 1600 and below. idk it's almost as if the bots are evolving.
  15. I'm at 1900+ and still facing bots in fact the bots in the 1900s are more "advanced" so to speak than the shit bots you face at 1600 and below. idk it's almost as if the bots are evolving.
  16. I was wondering if players on Asian servers are as toxic as the players on NA. Holy crap man, players on NA don't wait for anyone. They rush ahead and pull boss and kill everyone in group. They ninja loot. They afk. They queue for dungeons that they have no business being in.
  17. Where is everyone?

    Have been noticing lately that more and more the only thing typing in any of the chats are bots and their spam. Also when i'm out and about the only thing I'm seeing now are bots and more bots or areas with basically 1 or 2 players in them. Did NCSoft ban everyone?
  18. So whoever said they wouldn't be banning people for the ogong dungeon glitch you were wrong. I tried to log in this morning and found out my account was closed. I didn't even do the glitch that much. What a frickin joke at least another mmo is coming soon oh well peace. What's messed up is all these bots running around hogging up all the resources, queing up for dungeons and arena matches and ruining the game for everyone and a player like ME gets banned for doing a simple glitch?? Yet bots go unpunished?? yeah what a joke.
  19. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    yeah ok but the bots still get to run around free ruining the game for everyone ok bro.
  20. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    Yes it said my account was found guilty of exploitive action w/e that means.
  21. its like a virus. it just keeps spreading. NCSoft do something :O
  22. Bots have officially invaded the forums