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  1. Any point in pvping now?

    Soulstones are down to 8 silver on my server lol! And I face nothing but bots now in arena 1v1 and 3v3.
  2. What exactly are they doing that effects your game play so badly? From my experience the only thing bots do is farm stuff for gold and then sell it? How exactly does this effect you the player?
  3. Why so much hate for bots I dont get it?

    I play for fun and I still have fun with the game even with all the bots. They dont bother me and I dont bother them. You should do the same.
  4. Finished last season with a record of 58 wins and 32 losses and a rating of 1902. I was super proud of reaching platinum but when I mentioned it in my guild chat they just said meh your a summoner so it don't count. It's kind of annoying because the only reason I picked this class when BnS first launched was not because it was overpowered I actually had no idea what was overpowered since ive never played BnS. The only reason I picked a summoner was because they got a kung fu cat and because I played a pet class in world of warcraft called a hunter.
  5. Why so much hate for bots I dont get it?

    I am level 45 and no i dont play this game 24/7 i have a family and bills i gotta worry about m8. So no i don't.
  6. Why so much hate for bots I dont get it?

    I dont think its that bad and if it is then just stop buying their gold and they should go away. I dont think the problem is as complicated as you guys are making it seem. The solution is simple. If people do NOT buy their product, they will soon run out of money.
  7. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Dang I wonder how all those people that got banned for Ogong exploit feel knowing that bots go unpunished lol.
  8. Save yourself some time and just quit. Pls don't waste your time posting on the forums that your quitting just quit. It'll save you a lot of time. Because to be honest, no one cares why your quitting. That is all. :) Oh your welcome.
  9. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    It's ok in the end because bots are driving down prices of stuff in the market and also make it easy to earn zen beans in arenas. What's not to like?
  10. What class will be overpowered at 50 so I can start leveling it lol.
  11. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Yeah thats a good idea. You can also do that as well.
  12. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    1v1 arena. Bots are infesting the lower ratings of 1v1 so in order to avoid them all you gotta do is get gud climb above 1900 and you will see almost no bots. In 3v3 you can form your own team by using region chat. I normally spam region chat with looking for 2 more players for 3v3 than put in my channel number. I normally get a reply within 10 seconds. No more bot problem and in fact you get easy wins because 90% of the time your team will queue up against afk bots. Win win situation. In dungeons, you can form your own group by again using region chat to spam that you are LFM players for so and so dungeon. I normally get a reply within a few seconds. No more afk bots. Problems solved.
  13. If NCSoft were to get rid of bots, they'd have some prrrrettty dead servers. Dead servers mean they'd have to merge them with more active ones. And you know what that means when an mmo starts to merge servers. It's usually a tale tale sign of things to come. So no I think the windows has passed for them to get rid of the bots and a lot of players have already decided to call it quits and even worse new players are staying away as well. Oh well it was good while it lasted. Wildstar anyone lol?
  14. Ok so what's the problem? Let them afk if they want to. We all need to make a living some how no? Just ignore them and queue again problem solved? Thank you. :)
  15. ELABORATE summoner guide.

    Worked for me! :p
  16. Why wouldnt they be in 3v3? They have rights too no? Let them queue for whatever they want.
  17. Yes I am still using True Infernal weapon cause I dont have so much gold and yes I will still queue for labyrinth dungeon no matter how many times you tell me my gear sucks I will still queue Laybrinth dungeon with my gear cause I wanna have fun. I dont care about anything else. Stop being so elitist thats why I left world of warcraft too much elitist player.
  18. Of this Sigh. If world of warcraft had a class that would allow me to have a Kung Fu Cat as a pet I would be gone in a heart beat. Damn YOU BOT AND SOUL!!!
  19. Why it's too late to get rid of bots.

    if they have something like this in the cash shop id buy it lol
  20. Why it's too late to get rid of bots.

    it's way past your bedtime son.. Today I had two afk destroyer bots in my dungeon run. one was called asdfasdfasdf and the other one was called qewrqwerqew. Gee i wonder what game it away that they were bots. Kappa :p
  21. oh what type of class is that like a magic / caster class?