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  1. Fms in Arena should have their chill 'thing' removed. I almost am incapable of comboing an fm as a kfm with chill up. Punishing a player for getting an advantage over the other is literal absurdity. Not to mention hm impact preventing charge attacks on a whim in addition to their skills that already block such attacks is goddamned annoying (although I think theyre changing that skill to 6s with the update, godbless)


    Summoner; killing the cat needs to become a strat again. It's the only way I see summoner balance being a thing. How it is now - although I can't say I know anything about summoner or the way it was, as wl is the only unbalanced class in my Repertoire - the cat is essentially invincible, which means to classes without two escapes (if you're fighting an hm bees sum) you're essentially ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed. Killing the cat leaves the summoner open as it should, right it's just as everyone says: counter spam while e &  q are on cd. It may be boring but what else is there to do lol. And not to mention the cat has like 20 different ways to cc you while you're beating on the summoner which is great. Again with punishing you for getting an advantage. 


    I don't even know what issue I take with warlock but I agree there should be some way to escape or tab an air. That amount of damage being done in an inescapable situation is ridiculous. 

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